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A middle finger at the troops

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I have no sympathy for the left and don’t want to hear about how they “support the troops”.

Via “This Ain’t Hell”:

“Military recruits are a little less warm and friendly to begin with and the military experience seems to reinforce this–as after service, men score even lower on agreeableness when compared to individuals who did not go into the military,” lead author Dr. Joshua J. Jackson, an assistant professor of psychology at the university, said in a written statement. “Interestingly, this influence appears to linger long after the soldier has re-entered the workforce or returned to college.”
Military Service Does Number On Vets’ Minds, Study Suggests
The Huffington Post

Coupled with the troop hate on Wired, the Occupy movement’s hatred of the military, Jews and America, I’m convinced that the left wants this country to fail.

After Vietnam, the Left and the media latched onto the “psycho vet” meme. Every vet went to war and came back a monster. Only reality didn’t get the memo.

First, let’s get one thing out of the way right now — PTSD is real, mental illness is a serious issue that should never be downplayed, and even one suicide is a tragedy. No one here is trying to say otherwise. But let’s take a look at what doctors, not Hollywood, say about PTSD: The most common symptoms are disturbed sleep, memory problems and depression, not “violent rampages against the uncaring system that created you.”
— 5 Myths About the Military You Believe (Thanks to Movies)

When a humor website beats you, your argument is invalid.

All this is is the left prepping for the 2012 elections, media and cuts to the military. They hate the troops and need to paint vets as disturbed. Vets are running for office, vets are treated with respect. In Hollywood, vets hate the military and are angry at “the system”. When they’re not on a rampage, they’re hippies or shell-shocked addicts. Unless the plot calls for the psycho vet to have a small arsenal stashed in his closet. Most of the vets the left pimps out are fakes. Most of the atrocities they talk about occurred in the movies.

When the current occupant of the White House loses, they’ll bash America, the governemnt and especially veterans. Same as the 70’s and 80’s. No help for the veterans the left claims to love. Absolutely no help for the families of veterans. Just scorn and mockery disguised as “research” or “fiction”.

Self licking ice cream cone part 3: labor pains.

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Compare a humor site with a political blog:

“But at some point between my grandfather’s time and now, getting your hands dirty became something to be ashamed of. My generation perpetuated that. We made it socially unacceptable to:

A) Do any job that requires sweat and/or a uniform.

B) Work 70-hour weeks to get ahead.

So if you don’t do either of those things, what’s left? Getting an education and waiting for a good job in your field. But now, when we catch you doing that, we mock you and tell you to go flip burgers. And that’s bullshit. We told you your whole lives that those jobs were for idiots and failures. You think you’re too good for those jobs because that’s what we’ve been fucking telling you since birth.”

5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street

“Most American pundits address the problem in terms of the Greeks (and undoubtedly some other Europeans) demanding “goodies” from the “government.” And they are not wrong about that, but the refrain is an incomplete depiction of what’s at work with the public-debt implosion of the West. The more fundamental problem is the vilification and punishment of work and individual initiative.

The problem here is not really that people tend to take advantage of that state posture and imagine themselves entitled to a utopian existence. The problem is that the initiative to work for a self-defined reward is the most powerful factor in human economic life – and the EU has been laboring diligently to shut it down.
Athens, Europe, America: The inverted triumph of Marxism?:J.E. Dyer,

Manufacturing jobs left. Since everyone has a college “education” what’s that point in hiring college grads? Thanks to taxes and regulation, hiring is difficult. The left tired to buy votes with goodies and taxes. Yeah, that worked out for Europe.

The left made an economic wasteland and they call it “recovery”. Vote. Vote for people who want real change and real jobs.

Self licking ice cream cone part 2: it’s melting

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So the left sold the welfare state as some kind of investment:

The NYT never paints wealthy liberals who don’t volunteer extra money to the state as hypocritical and guilty, but that’s no surprise. Moreover, as Tom Maguire notes (and I’m sure he’s not alone), the NYT is continuing the progressive bait-and-switch here: Social Security and Medicare were sold to America as earned benefit programs, not welfare. It’s the “secondary mission” of middle-class vote-buying — and the Boomers heading into retirement — that accounts for most of this story.
NYT hails the safety net: Poor hardest hit:

Sell the idea of free money, bitch when people complain about it, promise the moon and then raise taxes and borrow to pay for it as more try to cash in. That worked so well for Greece:

With eurozone leaders declaring it was time for Greece to put up or shut up and that Athens’ promises could no longer be believed, Greece’s two main political parties and the caretaker prime minister invoked apocalyptic scenarios for the country if the €3.3bn (£2.76bn) of cuts ordained by the eurozone were not supported.

Street battles between police firing rounds of tear gas and demonstrators hurling firebombs and marble slabs left Syntagma Square, the plaza in front of the parliament building, resembling a war zone.
The Guardian

Another picture. They would rather burn the place down than give up the free EU money. Thanks to @BDomenech.: Ace

The money is running out. College is fast becoming a waste of money. More careers can be found without a degree, but the pay sucks.
Self discovery?

“College is a sandbox that gives you a false sense of reality,” he said. “It’s much more beneficial to learn what it means to direct your own life.” Learners are better off spending early adulthood developing self-reliance, he said.

Why go to college at all?: NYT

So fluff courses and useless knowledge make for unhireable workers, with lots of debt. But the welfare state and student loans are needed because racism!!11!!

Eh..not really:

The greatest predictor of a child’s academic success, even more than economic class, is still their parents’ education level. But among adults, education and income are becoming more and more intertwined. College graduates couple off and use their resources to raise children who will also go on to succeed academically. When he ran the numbers, Reardon actually found that parental education couldn’t explain the entire growth the academic gap between classes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a factor.

Even if we still have to tease out the reasons why, we appear to have reached a point where the children of the rich end up better educated, and more likely to succeed, simply because they’re children of the rich.
Occupy Kindergarten: The Rich-Poor Divide Starts With Education: Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic via: Instapundit

So the left sold the poor and students a pig in a poke. Student loans and a welfare state paid for by other people’s money. Education falls apart, tuition costs go up and the state needs more money. This doesn’t affect the rich however. They can afford nice private schools, pay college costs and most don’t pay taxes into the welfare state.

The Patterico article mentions that our progressive taxes, regulations and welfare state have held the poor back all while the left fights for more. Instapundit links a City journal article about how welfare and taxes are hurting Hispanics in California. At this point even the state of California is on the Federal dole. Oh and about the 1%? “Apple Paid A Lower Tax Rate Than Mitt Romney.” The left’s solution is more taxes and spending for more lefty programs.

Greece could be our future. Either we vote the left out of power or the riots and fiscal nightmare comes here.

A self licking ice cream cone: the left in a nutshell

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I sense a theme lately:

If you’re not with us, you’re against us. President Bush popularized this expression after 9/11 to describe his foreign policy doctrine: Countries couldn’t support or indulge terrorists and be our friends at the same time. But his detractors quickly turned it into a fairly paranoid vision of domestic political life, as if Bush had been talking about domestic opponents and dissenters.

The irony is that few worldviews better describe the general liberal orientation to public policy and the culture war. The left often complains about the culture war as if it’s a war they don’t want to fight. They insist they just want to follow “sound science” or “what works” when it comes to public policy, but those crazy knuckle-dragging right-wingers constantly want to talk about gays and abortion and other hot-button issues.

“Why are you making such a scene?” progressives complain. “Just do what we want and there will be no fuss.”

Column: Liberals are the true aggressors in culture wars
Jonah Goldberg via Instapundit

The FBI is now chasing “extremists” (when it’s not harassing the insipid fans of a risible rap group). Planned Parenthood keeps the abortion machine running as it shakes down a legitimate charity. They hide behind women’s health, but want more unborn children killed. Another “green business” files for bankruptcy, the jobs it might have made (that went to Finland) gone. The plot sickens, it seems AG Holder knew that guns were going to Mexico all along. Another leftist guru wants to ban all unhealthy foods and destroy the food industry too.

Good news everyone! You can enroll in “Occupy Everywhere” classes for credit! Yes, you too can pile on debt that will haunt your credit report with nothing to show for it.

The idea for this post came from a commenter at This Ain’t Hell. He called the OWS classes a “self licking ice cream cone” because useless leftie majors produce useless hippes who protest for more funds so they can study useless lefty college majors. Oh and a smaller workforce is better!

This is baked into the left.

First they create a need or a panic, or leap into action when they see a problem. Guns beget gun control. Racism was fought by the Civil Rights movement, the left wants a piece of that action. Global Warming spawned “Green Technology”, “Green Businesses” and “Green Color Jobs”. Abortion? It’s tied to “women’s rights” and “women’s health”.

The reality is that by electing our current president, we’ve put to bed most racism. Guns don’t cause blood in the streets, the green “revolution” is a money pit and feminists want more abortions. Even if they have to force the taxpayer to pay for them.

Second the left spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt. “Days of our Trailers” has several posts on the left’s lies about guns and gun crime. When the facts and reality don’t jive with the narrative, invent them! Scream, occupy, riot and throw bombs! Lie! Smear! Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations!
Then whine like a little bitch when you’re called on it.

People who challenge global warming are called deniers. People who want their civil rights under the 2nd amendment are accused of arming criminals or “insurrectionists.” Teachers who create a program that would actually prepare children for real employment after high school are accused of training kids to be “subservient workers” (psst! That’s means slavery!).

“Dog Whistle Politics”, it’s what’s for dinner (if you’re a progressive).
“Law and Order?”, “Economic Growth?” “Wealth Creation?” All code for evil republican progroms. There are evil people with guns everywhere. Big business and big [insert scary concept here] control ALL. No job? No prospects for a job since you majored in 9th century French Drama? Can’t speak english gooder?

Well now my friend we come to step three of the left! MOAR money and MOAR programs! Because enemies are everywhere.

Gun control! Ban ammo, limit magazine capacity, take away your rights. Like to hunt? Too bad! It’s now restricted. In a few years it’ll be banned. Can’t pay for college? Student loans! Can’t pass a course? We dumb down the standards. Don’t worry we’ll tax and regulate “big” business to make sure they hire you and make firing you a chore (unless the economy turns sour). Lost your job? Funemployment*! (*note: extended unemployment benefits WILL run out and that may not actually be fun)

The left talks a good game about democracy, but they don’t care. They hate other’s opinions and shout them down. That’s why the Susan G. Koman for the Cure caved to Planned Parenthood.

You can understand why Komen wants to get out of the culture war crossfire. It just wants to spend its finite resources on the race for a cure. But that’s not good enough. The real motive behind this backlash is to make it very clear: You must choose a side — ours.

Gun bloggers got outed and harassed on twitter. Left comedians vilified Sara Palin. The “Occupy” movement rioted, shat on police cars and the media let them get away with it. It’s the new tone! JOIN US MOTHER&^%#!!!!

It’s for the children[tm].

So people vote for the left. Because they now have the nifty new “rights”. Or there’s this new program. Or they can now buy gas and party supplies with their EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card. The benefit being welfare (that they have a “right” too).

And step four? Oh the left’s going to pay for all of this? I could’ve left that out. Like they normally do. But the money has to come from somewhere. All these laws and regulations squeeze businesses and trample on your right. Higher taxes feed the nanny state. As Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain found out, what can’t go on forever-won’t.

“With the increasing protest against economic inequality across the country, the 99% should defend food stamps as a crucial pillar of the American promise, and as something good for the economy. In today’s hard times, with growing poverty and rising food prices, there is widespread recognition that making ends meet is no small feat, even for the middle class, and that food stamps are essential.”
Lisa Levenstein and Jennifer Mittelstadt via HotAir

Money is no object when there is an unlimited supply and no accountability. When you’re an elected official in charge of distribution of the public’s funds, they what better way than to buy votes with it.
Brad on February 7, 2012 at 9:53 PM (it the comments, reacting to the above)
Darn it, the 99 percent must defend food stamps:

So they jack up taxes. Pile on laws and regs to make people obey. The result is not more money in government coffers, but fewer jobs. Why invest if the govm’ent is just gonna tax it? Why hire poeple when the goods and be made elsewhere for cheaper?

As far as the left is concerned, as long as the rubs keep voting for them, it’s all good. Create a need and spread fear. Hey look we have this new program/bennie/grant/entitlement/”right”! Of course the funds run out or the program goes all to hell. So the left starts over at step one….

The reason we want to end this nonsense is that in the end the self licking ice cream cone will collapse. Our rights AND our money will be gone. California, Detroit, Illinois are slowly transforming into bankrupt necropoli. Hell, parts of Detroit are turning into woods because the buildings have been demolished and nothing has been rebuilt.

And that’s why 2012 is important (screw the Mayans).

Syria, the center cannot hold

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Seems that Iran’s puppet Syria is about to fall apart.

In his first full-length newspaper interview, General Mustafa al-Sheikh, who has taken refuge in Turkey, gave an apocalyptic insider’s view of the state of the regime – despite its attempt to reassert control this weekend.

He said only a third of the army was at combat readiness due to defections or absenteeism, while remaining troops were demoralised, most of its Sunni officers had fled, been arrested, or sidelined, and its equipment was degraded.
Syria’s most senior defector: Assad’s army is close to collapse , By Richard Spencer,

The problem is that unstable countries drag down the rest of the region. An “army” stripped of leadership and state controls becomes an armed mob. Terrorists and extremist find recruits from those on both sides who feel they’ve got nothing to lose. Syria HAS WMD’s and Scud missiles. Who’s watching them? And who the frak is watching Iran? Not Russia or China.

Figures that Bush hands the world an “Arab Spring” and the left turns it into a very cold winter.