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Syria, the center cannot hold

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Seems that Iran’s puppet Syria is about to fall apart.

In his first full-length newspaper interview, General Mustafa al-Sheikh, who has taken refuge in Turkey, gave an apocalyptic insider’s view of the state of the regime – despite its attempt to reassert control this weekend.

He said only a third of the army was at combat readiness due to defections or absenteeism, while remaining troops were demoralised, most of its Sunni officers had fled, been arrested, or sidelined, and its equipment was degraded.
Syria’s most senior defector: Assad’s army is close to collapse , By Richard Spencer,

The problem is that unstable countries drag down the rest of the region. An “army” stripped of leadership and state controls becomes an armed mob. Terrorists and extremist find recruits from those on both sides who feel they’ve got nothing to lose. Syria HAS WMD’s and Scud missiles. Who’s watching them? And who the frak is watching Iran? Not Russia or China.

Figures that Bush hands the world an “Arab Spring” and the left turns it into a very cold winter.