Self licking ice cream cone part 2: it’s melting

So the left sold the welfare state as some kind of investment:

The NYT never paints wealthy liberals who don’t volunteer extra money to the state as hypocritical and guilty, but that’s no surprise. Moreover, as Tom Maguire notes (and I’m sure he’s not alone), the NYT is continuing the progressive bait-and-switch here: Social Security and Medicare were sold to America as earned benefit programs, not welfare. It’s the “secondary mission” of middle-class vote-buying — and the Boomers heading into retirement — that accounts for most of this story.
NYT hails the safety net: Poor hardest hit:

Sell the idea of free money, bitch when people complain about it, promise the moon and then raise taxes and borrow to pay for it as more try to cash in. That worked so well for Greece:

With eurozone leaders declaring it was time for Greece to put up or shut up and that Athens’ promises could no longer be believed, Greece’s two main political parties and the caretaker prime minister invoked apocalyptic scenarios for the country if the €3.3bn (£2.76bn) of cuts ordained by the eurozone were not supported.

Street battles between police firing rounds of tear gas and demonstrators hurling firebombs and marble slabs left Syntagma Square, the plaza in front of the parliament building, resembling a war zone.
The Guardian

Another picture. They would rather burn the place down than give up the free EU money. Thanks to @BDomenech.: Ace

The money is running out. College is fast becoming a waste of money. More careers can be found without a degree, but the pay sucks.
Self discovery?

“College is a sandbox that gives you a false sense of reality,” he said. “It’s much more beneficial to learn what it means to direct your own life.” Learners are better off spending early adulthood developing self-reliance, he said.

Why go to college at all?: NYT

So fluff courses and useless knowledge make for unhireable workers, with lots of debt. But the welfare state and student loans are needed because racism!!11!!

Eh..not really:

The greatest predictor of a child’s academic success, even more than economic class, is still their parents’ education level. But among adults, education and income are becoming more and more intertwined. College graduates couple off and use their resources to raise children who will also go on to succeed academically. When he ran the numbers, Reardon actually found that parental education couldn’t explain the entire growth the academic gap between classes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a factor.

Even if we still have to tease out the reasons why, we appear to have reached a point where the children of the rich end up better educated, and more likely to succeed, simply because they’re children of the rich.
Occupy Kindergarten: The Rich-Poor Divide Starts With Education: Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic via: Instapundit

So the left sold the poor and students a pig in a poke. Student loans and a welfare state paid for by other people’s money. Education falls apart, tuition costs go up and the state needs more money. This doesn’t affect the rich however. They can afford nice private schools, pay college costs and most don’t pay taxes into the welfare state.

The Patterico article mentions that our progressive taxes, regulations and welfare state have held the poor back all while the left fights for more. Instapundit links a City journal article about how welfare and taxes are hurting Hispanics in California. At this point even the state of California is on the Federal dole. Oh and about the 1%? “Apple Paid A Lower Tax Rate Than Mitt Romney.” The left’s solution is more taxes and spending for more lefty programs.

Greece could be our future. Either we vote the left out of power or the riots and fiscal nightmare comes here.

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