Self licking ice cream cone part 3: labor pains.

Compare a humor site with a political blog:

“But at some point between my grandfather’s time and now, getting your hands dirty became something to be ashamed of. My generation perpetuated that. We made it socially unacceptable to:

A) Do any job that requires sweat and/or a uniform.

B) Work 70-hour weeks to get ahead.

So if you don’t do either of those things, what’s left? Getting an education and waiting for a good job in your field. But now, when we catch you doing that, we mock you and tell you to go flip burgers. And that’s bullshit. We told you your whole lives that those jobs were for idiots and failures. You think you’re too good for those jobs because that’s what we’ve been fucking telling you since birth.”

5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street

“Most American pundits address the problem in terms of the Greeks (and undoubtedly some other Europeans) demanding “goodies” from the “government.” And they are not wrong about that, but the refrain is an incomplete depiction of what’s at work with the public-debt implosion of the West. The more fundamental problem is the vilification and punishment of work and individual initiative.

The problem here is not really that people tend to take advantage of that state posture and imagine themselves entitled to a utopian existence. The problem is that the initiative to work for a self-defined reward is the most powerful factor in human economic life – and the EU has been laboring diligently to shut it down.
Athens, Europe, America: The inverted triumph of Marxism?:J.E. Dyer,

Manufacturing jobs left. Since everyone has a college “education” what’s that point in hiring college grads? Thanks to taxes and regulation, hiring is difficult. The left tired to buy votes with goodies and taxes. Yeah, that worked out for Europe.

The left made an economic wasteland and they call it “recovery”. Vote. Vote for people who want real change and real jobs.


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