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UPDATE AND BUMPED: Blackfive On the Draft, TAH on the NY Times’s readership and Brad on that bin Laden Movie…

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A bloggers at posts this:

You see if we had a draft and we were dragging people kicking and screaming into the “war machine” where they get ground up and spit out in little flag draped caskets, well, we’d be taking to the streets to stop them.

Stupidest reason yet to do away with the all volunteer force
Posted By McQ

Because of this, and a domestic terrorist’s butthurt over having to wait for troops at the airport.

Quoting the dipshit from the CNAS and his pressing need to “reconnect the people with the armed services” MCQ is yet another voice saying why we shouldn’t have a draft.

Current talk of a draft is a naked grab for the youth vote.

But the reality is that most campuses did not become hotbeds of unrest until the
Boomers’ precious butts were at risk as the Vietnam War escalated. They didn’t
want to end the war because they were bothered by working-class kids being blown
apart; if they had been, they wouldn’t have spat on those working-class kids
when they came home from Vietnam, or tried to make heroes out of the Communists
who were trying to kill them.–
“The Worst Generation”:by Paul Begala, ESQUIRE, April 2000.

The NY Times published a photo of a woman camping out by her late Marine husband’s coffin. She stayed there until he was buried. Noble, just, she’s what memorial day is all about.

One image is probably one you’re familiar with – Katherine Cathey, camped out overnight by the remains of her husband LT James Cathey on the night before his burial. Cortillaen warned me in his eamil to not read the comments, but, I couldn’t help it

“I remember the old anti-war phrase from the 60′s: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” It’s a good question, isn’t it? Bush and Blair got America involved in a senseless war based on lies. There wasn’t even a draft in place. Why do men so willingly march off to kill on command in behalf of the Anglo-American oil cartel? Very sad indeed.”

And then they wonder why there’s a gap between the military and the people they’re defending in this country.
What Memorial Day means to NY Times readers: This Ain’t Hell

The anti-war movement fizzled because they threw protests and no one came. With no draft there was out outrage. The left has waged a war on the military. But when the chips are down they it’s a different story:

In the months after the successful U.S. military mission that killed Osama bin Laden, Pentagon officials met with Hollywood filmmakers and gave them special access in an effort to influence the creation of a film about the operation, newly released documents show.

Emails and meeting transcripts obtained from the Pentagon and CIA through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the watchdog group Judicial Watch suggest that officials went out of their way to assist the filmmakers, while trying to avoid the public learning of their cooperation.

Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, who won Oscars for their 2009 Iraq war movie, “The Hurt Locker,” were granted access to a Navy SEAL who was involved in planning the raid, according to a transcript of a meeting that took place last July.
“Documents show Pentagon gave Hollywood special access for bin Laden movie – News – Stripes.”

Brad calls this a manufactured outrage. I agree that it’s manufactured. I’m outraged that the left views our military as disposable and as props. They believe soldiers are stupid for fighting and that war is evil. Yet when their grip on power is at stake out comes “gutsy call” and the lauding of the military. This from the Hollywood that churns out fiction where the military kills women and children.

I’m lost all respect for Bigelow , the New York Times and the left.


“Without a draft, we are given a great and dangerous luxury: we are, in the main, able to consign our war-fighting to a largely isolated force of brave volunteers. The military is a noble calling, and many choose to serve for many different reasons. Whether it is because of family tradition or because a recruit has few other options in life for socioeconomic reasons, the result is that the majority of Americans have little direct connection with the military.

It is difficult to imagine that the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq would have been conducted in the ways they were (and still are) if a large-scale draft had been in effect in America since 2001.”

“The Case for Bringing Back the Draft”: By Jon Meacham,

“Military madness is killing this country. If you say that violence solves problems overseas, you say that violence solves problems at home.

Stay in school. Get an education. Serve your country that way.

( 4 months ago 11 Likes )

–comment on “Women Should Be Required to Register with the Military, Too“:

Talk of bailing out student loans was a transparent vote buying scheme. This is worse.

What better way to hide youth unemployment? What better way to boost college enrollment (and pump up student loans)? What better way to permanently lock in the youth vote?

Hot Crew! : Phobe Cates

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Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Belle Cates; July 16, 1963) is an American film actress, model, and entrepreneur known for her roles in several teen films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins.
Phoebe Cates,Wikipeida

Back in the 80’s, there was no duckface, silicone was used for toys(or pornstars), Botox was confined to bio-warfare labs and girls like Ms. Cates were the standard.

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“In Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital (1995) Putnam surveys the decline of “social capital” in the United States of America since 1950. He has described the reduction in all the forms of in-person social intercourse upon which Americans used to found, educate, and enrich the fabric of their social lives.”

“Everett Carll Ladd claimed that Putnam completely ignored existing field studies, most notably the landmark sociological Middletown studies, which during the 1920s raised the same concerns he does today, except the technology being attacked as promoting isolation was radio, instead of television or video games.[1] In addition, Putnam ignored the work of other scholars who had previously made similar, in some cases almost identical claims”

Bowling Alone: Wikipedia.

“We seem lonely but afraid of intimacy. Siri, the social network, digital assistants, all of these give the illusion of companionship without the demands of relationship. The path we are on seems fraught with paradox and about the most important human matters.

Yet smitten with technology, we are like young lovers who are afraid that too much talking will spoil the romance. We don’t much want to talk about these problems. But it’s time to talk.”
We expect more from technology and less from each other
By Sherry Turkle, Special to CNN

Same shit different toilet. A car’s speedometer (and it’s engine) can to up to 100 miles/161 kilometers per hour. Should you go that fast in traffic? Not if you want to die of old age. It’s not the tools but the person using it that matters. If you want to be alone that’s your choice. For every stupid “Status” or “Twitter” there are people re-connecting on social media. We can shop online, learn online and watch movies online. yet people still go out to bars and do things with their friends. First it was movies, then radio, then … well self appointed moral guardians are always looking for the new rock and roll.

Not Giving Up the Ship: Education marches on

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Bill Mauldin tells it like it is. From “I’ve decided I want my seat back.”

Bill Mauldin’s
cartoon above mocked the Air Force Generals who wanted manned bombers well into the age of the ICBM. Like the Navy Admirals who hated air power, they clung to the past as history marched on.

“Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual communities. Commerce and business will shift from offices and malls to networks and modems. And the freedom of digital networks will make government more democratic. Baloney.” — Clifford Stoll in “Newsweek”, 1995. as cited by Tv Tropes.

“Taxpayers in Arizona spend $125 million each school year funding more than 13,000 students who don’t exist at public schools.

That’s because the state school system uses an antique budget approach that causes taxpayers to overpay, says a new report, “Ghost Busters: How to Save $125 Million a Year in Arizona’s Education Budget,” by Goldwater Institute education director Jonathan Butcher.”

Arizona Blows $125M in Taxpayer Money on Ghost Students: Elizabeth MacDonald,

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Instapundit Google search.

“Let’s put it this way: if you can build a $100 billion company by using the Internet to replace the college yearbook–imagine what you can do if you use the Internet to replace college.”
“Bigger than Facebook”: Robert Tracinski,

I dunno maybe the Khan Academy might not be riveting as PBS but it’s free.

The educational establishment, from the teacher unions to the left professors to the “Cherokee” politicians cling to the current educational system much like those generals and admirals. The internet is getting faster and cheaper. Sure there is shlock, porn and Kim Kardishan’s huge ass all over the place. But you can learn about the Vietnam War, how to make a radio, see pictures of water falls, solve quadratic equations, download old books.

Make, see, hear, do, learn.

Now big brick and mortar colleges had their place. After WWII, it was just a given that if you weren’t rocking the 9 to 5 at the local factory, that was where you’d go. “School” was seen as a continuum of elementary, junior high, high school then college. Colleges (fat on GI Bill money and the Cold War era urge to do better than the Ruskies) sold themselves as subject matter experts on everything. The more elite the better.

As the 50’s gave way to the 60’s and the hippies dodged the draft Congress tried to give Pell Grants. Everyone likes free money and lots of kinds wanted to go to college. Student loans came about as a way for kids to pay for college then repay the taxpayer (and make a profit for lenders) when they got that diploma.

But colleges go fatter on student loans. The humanities, sports and other crap soon outpaced actual learning. Lefty politics became the only politics. Safe from market forces colleges can offer courses based on shitty pop culture:

“But then again, the humanities departments are also packed with a bunch of charlatans who will waste your time with things like–well, here’s an example. Check out a hilarious review by Joe Queenan of an impossibly pretentious and utterly nonsensical academic tome on the deeper meaning of that important subject, Harpo Marx.
Robert Tracinski.

So college is just the high school after high school, a place were kids become adults who act like kids. Most don’t even learn because they don’t think have to. Promised easy A’s and a career they can coast through 4 years and rack up the debt.

There is another way. Just as the airplane killed the battleship and the missile replaced many manned bombers, the internet offers learning fast, cheap and easy. A big college has the same standing, visibility and accountability as some dude posting videos online. Accreditation, certification and finances would carry over of course. Diploma mills will always exist. But then again suckers and con artist are as old as time.

One of the problems with education is that the public school system fails to teach many subjects. Trained in the humanities, most teachers aren’t able to teach STEM subjects so they go soft. Writing and critical thinking given way to filling in ovals on standardized tests. Enter the internet to help those kids catch up. Profs could use the Kahn Academy and wikipedia to help kids learn the shit they didn’t get in school. Furthermore, with no
overhead, online programs can focus on teaching instead of catering to politics or fads. Leave the study of pop culture and other vapid things to the nerds on the internet.

Expect a major fight from brick and mortar professors. I predict that they’ll while like little bitches to Congress and try to curtail online universities. Expect the mainstream media to give some silly moral panic (briefly, the internet is killing them off too). Clifford Stoll, who I quoted above, was a computer programmers who caught another hacker working for the KGB/Stasi hacking into US military and college networks. He believed, as many of the facility lounge set do now, that the internet somehow is “less real” and less “social” than “realife”. He’s since changed his mind (and his book about how the internet will never catch on is for sale on

Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with people studying 17th century French Drama, pop culture and drinking beer for breakfast. I just don’t want to pay for it. Between Pell Grants (which which I don’t have a problem) and paying as you go for school, anyone can learn anything. It’s bullshit that people have to go to college right after high school and then learning somehow stops. Hench the Student Loan hustle. People never stop learning. They just stop wearing pj’s in the afternoon. As education gets cheaper and the signal overcomes the noise, the slacker college student and the lefty prof will go into history with the Battleship Admirals and the Bomber Generals.

Liberalism’s Fall: A dull, empty thud

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I always though that the occupy movement would be the high water mark of American liberalism. Seems that the Wisconsin recall of Gov. Walker and the lefty temper tantrum is not going according to plan. A Republican gov wants to balance his state’s budget. Cuts off the gravy train from the public sector (gov’ment employee) unions that had been getting fat at tax payer expense. Left goes nuts…and (hopefully) loses. For the left it was almost occupy 0.1 (they were angry at Walker before anti-Semitic adbusters mag came up with “Occupy Wall Street”).

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to believe liberals believe in liberalism anymore.

With the obvious global meltdown of Keynesian economics [1], how could anyone remotely intelligent support the continued deficit spending that is driving the Western World into bankruptcy?
Is Liberalism Dead?
By Roger L Simon On May 25, 2012,

The left likes to use humor, satire, phony vets, lies and propaganda to hide the Marxism under the hood of their world view. Witness the remake of Robocop. It was a socialist movie disguised as an action flick. The remake has a new character who “finds himself torn between the ideals of the machine trying to rediscover its humanity and the callous needs of a corporation.”. *sigh*

It’s no secret that leftist ideas on society and the economy don’t work. Look at Detroit. Europe has yet to pay the bill for decades of Keynesian policies. But the Europeans what their bread and paid vacations. Talk of the “99%” is a dog whistle for proletariat. Leaders on the left campaign on taxing the rich as they rake in donations for they very “1%” they claim to hate.

Senator Charles F. Meachum: There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS

Shooter (2007)

The above quote from another shitty lefty film shows the left in a nutshell. It’s about getting their hands on money and power. It’s about making things “fair” (their version), justice (for their causes) and fuck you if you stand in their way.

Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, famously declared: “Diversity is not merely a desirable addition to a well-run education. It is as essential as the study of the Middle Ages, of international politics and of Shakespeare.”
Top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments , By Jonah Goldberg. Washington

“Now, Elizabeth Warren’s current claim is that she had no idea Harvard was listing her as a Native American, and no idea where they might have gotten that idea from.”
Ace: “Boston Globe Takes a Tomahawk To Elizabeth Warren’s Fauxcahontas Claims”

Just like Ward Churchill, Warren claimed to be Native American because it fit her need and the lefty narrative. It wasn’t true for a fake Indian
professor and neither is it true for Warren.

Back when there were only three networks ( and PBS), newspapers and magazines and the internet was confined to colleges and DoD labs, the left got away with anything. They could come up with all kinds of bullshit. Now we live with +500 plus channels, internet and we can fact check their asses.

Liberals can protect themselves better against assaults from outside their cocoon. They can stay out of megachurches and make sure their remote controls never click on Fox News. They can stay off the AM radio dial so they will never hear Rush Limbaugh.
Barone: Life in a cocoon dulls political responses: Michael Barone,

In their films, their media, blogs and occupy protests, it’s “haves” vs. “havenots”. Labels change, but they keep seeing themselves as the “havenots”. They can rage aganist Nixon, Regan Bush (Sr. and Jr.) and stay smug. Those right wing meanies are just fanatics, the “reality based community” speaks “truth to power”.

And thus liberalism is losing badly. Reality is not a shitty Hollywood film. Socialism is a hard sell to most Americans. Marx and Keynes have been overtaken by history. But the left fights on. Wrapping themselves in thought terminating cliches and emotional attacks, they hope to survive. But the truth is winning.

If Gov. Walker survives the Wisconsin Recall, if the Occupy movement continues to fizzle, I predict that the Marxist-Socialist crap we call “liberalism” will fade with time. They’ll join the ranks of 9-11 truthers, radical peaceniks, commies and hippes in the past.

I can’t wait.


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Seems that this Julia girl is popular on teh interwebs.


  • 3 years old – Julia gets a new-and-improved Head Start, which a new HHS study shows won’t do anything for her anyway.
  • 17 years old – Race to the Top improves Julia’s SAT scores.  Is there any evidence at all to support that argument?  Even so, she’s down the list from all of the home-schooled children and the charter- and private-school students who actually got an education rather than an NEA indoctrination.  However, thanks to the NEA indoctrination, Julia is now better prepared for a life on the government dole.
  • 18 years old – Julia’s family qualifies for a $10,000 tuition tax credit spread out over four years, while Obama’s student-loan subsidies drive tuition costs up even faster.

And now my version of Julia and how it shows the skewed priories of the left:

  • 18 years old – Julia decides to join the military (Army) after seeing an ad on the internet. Under the Left, recruiting budgets are slashed and more groups protest military recruiting in high schools. A “College not combat” protestor gives Julia a busted lip (to prevent her from meeting with a recruiter of course).
  • 19 years old – Now PFC Julia has graduated AIT and become a 68W or combat medic. She hopes to become a nurse or a doctor. At the very least land a civilian job or use the GI BILL. Thanks to more bailouts and union cronyism, she has a smaller pay check than the other (union) public sector workers. E-3 pay can barely cover the cost of her car payments, cell phone and other bills. Meanwhile UAW workers and GAO employees are caught on camera starting a barbeque by lighting $100 bills.
  • 21 years old – SPC Julia is wounded in a war-sorry “Overseas Contingency Operation”. She’s airlifted to Germany, then has to endure a long flight to the states. Now she’s flying home on a charter aircraft as the USAF’s fleet was slashed. Many aircraft got too old to fly. The air charter company overbills the taypayers. The plane is late, the food tasteless and the inflight movie is “Kim Kardashian: the Musical”.
  • 22 years old – Julia’s now a civilian and a veteran. Medically discharged, she’s filed a claim with the VA for her injuries. She’s trying to get to college. The VA becomes an even bigger nightmare of red tape and cost cutting. Sure they pay for her physical wounds, but it takes a while for them to rate her PTSD.
  • 23 years old – Julia checks into a local mental health clinic due to nightmares and a bad night of drinking. With healthcare “reform”, local mental health clinics are almost as bad as the VA. She has no choice as the VA takes awhile to process her claim and VA clinics are full.
  • 25 years old – Now two years sober, married and with a degree, Julia hopes to get a job. Even with democrat sponsored “reforms”, getting college credit for her military experience doesn’t happen. She could drive a 5-ton truck but can’t get a CDI. She can give IV’s but can’t get credit for her medic training from traditional colleges. Traditional academia’s focus on unmarried young people made her feel alienated in college so she went online, until GI BIL “reforms” forced her back into a traditional college.
    30 years old – Julia has problems standing, the nightmares come after times of stress. That low paying job doesn’t help either. Lefties forget about people like Julia after the war. There are programs to help vets (and some tailored to female vets) but they still face challenges getting jobs. And the programs that exist are cut to fund more welfare state programs of dubious value.
  • 45 years old – The VA, under pressure to cut costs, under-rates Julia’s injuries. The poor woman needs a cane and still has metal in her hip and back. After a long back and forth, she gets her upgrade to 60%, but that don’t help with the bills. “Think tanks” keep shafting the troops in the name of cost cutting. And cut they do. The VA comes under tremendous pressure to cut costs. Many on the left remember Andy Rooney’s famous statement “This country doesn’t owe veterans anything.”(and yes he said it)
  • 55 years old – Julia’s son considers a career in the military, however service members are back on food stamps. There’s talk of bringing back the draft. Many tanks, aircraft, ships and trucks are well past their sell-by dates. Under the left expect more weapons programs to be cut, even as vehicles start to fall apart. And except them to reinstate a draft if they think it will motivate those young slackers.
  • 57 years old – Julia sees her son off to boot camp, he got his draft notice. Another “Overseas Contingency Operation”. The left loves military actions THEY approve of. This one makes BLACKHAWK DOWN look like a kindergarten slapfight.
  • 58 years old – Julia welcomes home her son. Now a Gold Star Mother, she weeps as she has to bury her child. His death benefits are managed by an insurance company with political connections. So she has no recourse when the insurance company drags their feet paying out her son’s SGLI.
  • 65 years old – Now at 70% disabily, Julia needs a scooter to get around. Thanks to cuts and bad politics, the first scooter the VA gives her breaks down. As does the second, the third…on scooter number five her husband goes out and buys her one that works. She’s promptly told she can’t get a replacement if that one breaks.
  • 67 years old – Julia receives “end of life” counseling. Told to prepare for her final days she’s given several options if she decides to end her life, should she have a terminal illness. She doesn’t but that doesn’t stop the VA funded counselor from plugging “end of life” choices and recommending painkillers over surgery.
  • 75 years old – Julia was denied an operation. Not because it was risky, but because a panel decided that it wasn’t cost effective, what with having to contain the VA costs, the end of medicare and social security. Her family is crushed but you can’t fight city hall (or Congress).

Remember, for every Democrat and Occutard saying “bring war spending home” there is anti-Americanism at work. If “Julia” truly chose ask what she could do for her country, the Democrats would use her and forget about her. Just like the people who vote for them after 2012.