Seems that this Julia girl is popular on teh interwebs.

Via HotAir.com:

  • 3 years old – Julia gets a new-and-improved Head Start, which a new HHS study shows won’t do anything for her anyway.
  • 17 years old – Race to the Top improves Julia’s SAT scores.  Is there any evidence at all to support that argument?  Even so, she’s down the list from all of the home-schooled children and the charter- and private-school students who actually got an education rather than an NEA indoctrination.  However, thanks to the NEA indoctrination, Julia is now better prepared for a life on the government dole.
  • 18 years old – Julia’s family qualifies for a $10,000 tuition tax credit spread out over four years, while Obama’s student-loan subsidies drive tuition costs up even faster.

And now my version of Julia and how it shows the skewed priories of the left:

  • 18 years old – Julia decides to join the military (Army) after seeing an ad on the internet. Under the Left, recruiting budgets are slashed and more groups protest military recruiting in high schools. A “College not combat” protestor gives Julia a busted lip (to prevent her from meeting with a recruiter of course).
  • 19 years old – Now PFC Julia has graduated AIT and become a 68W or combat medic. She hopes to become a nurse or a doctor. At the very least land a civilian job or use the GI BILL. Thanks to more bailouts and union cronyism, she has a smaller pay check than the other (union) public sector workers. E-3 pay can barely cover the cost of her car payments, cell phone and other bills. Meanwhile UAW workers and GAO employees are caught on camera starting a barbeque by lighting $100 bills.
  • 21 years old – SPC Julia is wounded in a war-sorry “Overseas Contingency Operation”. She’s airlifted to Germany, then has to endure a long flight to the states. Now she’s flying home on a charter aircraft as the USAF’s fleet was slashed. Many aircraft got too old to fly. The air charter company overbills the taypayers. The plane is late, the food tasteless and the inflight movie is “Kim Kardashian: the Musical”.
  • 22 years old – Julia’s now a civilian and a veteran. Medically discharged, she’s filed a claim with the VA for her injuries. She’s trying to get to college. The VA becomes an even bigger nightmare of red tape and cost cutting. Sure they pay for her physical wounds, but it takes a while for them to rate her PTSD.
  • 23 years old – Julia checks into a local mental health clinic due to nightmares and a bad night of drinking. With healthcare “reform”, local mental health clinics are almost as bad as the VA. She has no choice as the VA takes awhile to process her claim and VA clinics are full.
  • 25 years old – Now two years sober, married and with a degree, Julia hopes to get a job. Even with democrat sponsored “reforms”, getting college credit for her military experience doesn’t happen. She could drive a 5-ton truck but can’t get a CDI. She can give IV’s but can’t get credit for her medic training from traditional colleges. Traditional academia’s focus on unmarried young people made her feel alienated in college so she went online, until GI BIL “reforms” forced her back into a traditional college.
    30 years old – Julia has problems standing, the nightmares come after times of stress. That low paying job doesn’t help either. Lefties forget about people like Julia after the war. There are programs to help vets (and some tailored to female vets) but they still face challenges getting jobs. And the programs that exist are cut to fund more welfare state programs of dubious value.
  • 45 years old – The VA, under pressure to cut costs, under-rates Julia’s injuries. The poor woman needs a cane and still has metal in her hip and back. After a long back and forth, she gets her upgrade to 60%, but that don’t help with the bills. “Think tanks” keep shafting the troops in the name of cost cutting. And cut they do. The VA comes under tremendous pressure to cut costs. Many on the left remember Andy Rooney’s famous statement “This country doesn’t owe veterans anything.”(and yes he said it)
  • 55 years old – Julia’s son considers a career in the military, however service members are back on food stamps. There’s talk of bringing back the draft. Many tanks, aircraft, ships and trucks are well past their sell-by dates. Under the left expect more weapons programs to be cut, even as vehicles start to fall apart. And except them to reinstate a draft if they think it will motivate those young slackers.
  • 57 years old – Julia sees her son off to boot camp, he got his draft notice. Another “Overseas Contingency Operation”. The left loves military actions THEY approve of. This one makes BLACKHAWK DOWN look like a kindergarten slapfight.
  • 58 years old – Julia welcomes home her son. Now a Gold Star Mother, she weeps as she has to bury her child. His death benefits are managed by an insurance company with political connections. So she has no recourse when the insurance company drags their feet paying out her son’s SGLI.
  • 65 years old – Now at 70% disabily, Julia needs a scooter to get around. Thanks to cuts and bad politics, the first scooter the VA gives her breaks down. As does the second, the third…on scooter number five her husband goes out and buys her one that works. She’s promptly told she can’t get a replacement if that one breaks.
  • 67 years old – Julia receives “end of life” counseling. Told to prepare for her final days she’s given several options if she decides to end her life, should she have a terminal illness. She doesn’t but that doesn’t stop the VA funded counselor from plugging “end of life” choices and recommending painkillers over surgery.
  • 75 years old – Julia was denied an operation. Not because it was risky, but because a panel decided that it wasn’t cost effective, what with having to contain the VA costs, the end of medicare and social security. Her family is crushed but you can’t fight city hall (or Congress).

Remember, for every Democrat and Occutard saying “bring war spending home” there is anti-Americanism at work. If “Julia” truly chose ask what she could do for her country, the Democrats would use her and forget about her. Just like the people who vote for them after 2012.

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