UPDATE AND BUMPED: Blackfive On the Draft, TAH on the NY Times’s readership and Brad on that bin Laden Movie…

A bloggers at Blackfive.net posts this:

You see if we had a draft and we were dragging people kicking and screaming into the “war machine” where they get ground up and spit out in little flag draped caskets, well, we’d be taking to the streets to stop them.

Stupidest reason yet to do away with the all volunteer force
Posted By McQ

Because of this, and a domestic terrorist’s butthurt over having to wait for troops at the airport.

Quoting the dipshit from the CNAS and his pressing need to “reconnect the people with the armed services” MCQ is yet another voice saying why we shouldn’t have a draft.

Current talk of a draft is a naked grab for the youth vote.

But the reality is that most campuses did not become hotbeds of unrest until the
Boomers’ precious butts were at risk as the Vietnam War escalated. They didn’t
want to end the war because they were bothered by working-class kids being blown
apart; if they had been, they wouldn’t have spat on those working-class kids
when they came home from Vietnam, or tried to make heroes out of the Communists
who were trying to kill them.–
“The Worst Generation”:by Paul Begala, ESQUIRE, April 2000.

The NY Times published a photo of a woman camping out by her late Marine husband’s coffin. She stayed there until he was buried. Noble, just, she’s what memorial day is all about.

One image is probably one you’re familiar with – Katherine Cathey, camped out overnight by the remains of her husband LT James Cathey on the night before his burial. Cortillaen warned me in his eamil to not read the comments, but, I couldn’t help it

“I remember the old anti-war phrase from the 60′s: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” It’s a good question, isn’t it? Bush and Blair got America involved in a senseless war based on lies. There wasn’t even a draft in place. Why do men so willingly march off to kill on command in behalf of the Anglo-American oil cartel? Very sad indeed.”

And then they wonder why there’s a gap between the military and the people they’re defending in this country.
What Memorial Day means to NY Times readers: This Ain’t Hell

The anti-war movement fizzled because they threw protests and no one came. With no draft there was out outrage. The left has waged a war on the military. But when the chips are down they it’s a different story:

In the months after the successful U.S. military mission that killed Osama bin Laden, Pentagon officials met with Hollywood filmmakers and gave them special access in an effort to influence the creation of a film about the operation, newly released documents show.

Emails and meeting transcripts obtained from the Pentagon and CIA through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the watchdog group Judicial Watch suggest that officials went out of their way to assist the filmmakers, while trying to avoid the public learning of their cooperation.

Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, who won Oscars for their 2009 Iraq war movie, “The Hurt Locker,” were granted access to a Navy SEAL who was involved in planning the raid, according to a transcript of a meeting that took place last July.
“Documents show Pentagon gave Hollywood special access for bin Laden movie – News – Stripes.”

Brad calls this a manufactured outrage. I agree that it’s manufactured. I’m outraged that the left views our military as disposable and as props. They believe soldiers are stupid for fighting and that war is evil. Yet when their grip on power is at stake out comes “gutsy call” and the lauding of the military. This from the Hollywood that churns out fiction where the military kills women and children.

I’m lost all respect for Bigelow , the New York Times and the left.


“Without a draft, we are given a great and dangerous luxury: we are, in the main, able to consign our war-fighting to a largely isolated force of brave volunteers. The military is a noble calling, and many choose to serve for many different reasons. Whether it is because of family tradition or because a recruit has few other options in life for socioeconomic reasons, the result is that the majority of Americans have little direct connection with the military.

It is difficult to imagine that the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq would have been conducted in the ways they were (and still are) if a large-scale draft had been in effect in America since 2001.”

“The Case for Bringing Back the Draft”: By Jon Meacham, time.com

“Military madness is killing this country. If you say that violence solves problems overseas, you say that violence solves problems at home.

Stay in school. Get an education. Serve your country that way.

( 4 months ago 11 Likes )

–comment on “Women Should Be Required to Register with the Military, Too“: time.com

Talk of bailing out student loans was a transparent vote buying scheme. This is worse.

What better way to hide youth unemployment? What better way to boost college enrollment (and pump up student loans)? What better way to permanently lock in the youth vote?

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