Basic Training at Fort Bliss circa 1985

Back in the day, Fort Bliss was a basic training post. Many soldiers did their basic “up on the mountain” known as Logan Heights. Today that complex is all housing. Basic ended in 1990, AIT went to Fort Sill in 2009.

But back in the day, the Sun City was the start of many an army career:


4 Responses to “Basic Training at Fort Bliss circa 1985”

  1. I’m not sure that this message will get back to the author of this blog, but I too was at Basic Traning in 1985 at Fort Bliss. I was there in the late winter and early spring, March & April. I don’t recognize the names of the Drill Sgts or support staff so we were not in the same training company, but I agree, I will never forget the names of my Drill Sgts. I even remember the names of my Tech Sgts while at AIT.

    I spent the summer months at Ft Sam in medic training. Most of my training company end up at Ft Sam for AIT.

    Your video does bring back some interesting memories. Most good. One of my most interesting memories is the night I had to pull guard duty. I drew the Santa Warehouse. If you are not familiar with this, it was a toys for tots workshop were the Army would take in old toys and bikes and stuff like that. They would then take parts from say 2 or 3 bikes to make one complete one and then give them away at X-mas time. I spent 12 hours drinking sodas and reading comic books. Best guard duty I ever spent

  2. Heh, I spent waaay to much on cabs and fast food when I was in AIT. Basic left in 1990 and AIT in 2010. Fort Sill is the place now. All we have is ADA, the 1st Armored Division, Army Reserve and National Guard here now.

  3. Daniel McDonald Says:

    I did basic on “the hill” nack in the winter of 84-85!

  4. Archie Sutton Says:

    Great. I’m going through Ft. Bliss in a few days. I’m wondering where to get old photos from basic training in 1986.

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