We elect politicians, presidents, congress, governors and state legislators on down to city councils. They in turn pass budgets and set policy, under the watchful eye of the judicial branch. Every graduate of the American Public educational system should know this. The Secretary of Defense is a civilian, the Commander in Chief of all armed forces is the President. Generals and Admirals (all the way down to Majors and Lieutenant Commanders) have to be confirmed by the senate. Civilian control. Civilians plan and sign off on military ops. Period.

In the left’s version of reality, somehow corporations and the military really run things. All the time we hear about the “military industrial complex.” They bitch about the influence of corporations and how the (Bush) Whitehouse is somehow making endless war. All planned for and lining the pockets of the Fortune 500 no doubt.

“MSNBC’s Chris Hayes proclaimed on Memorial Day that he was uncomfortable labeling fallen troops as heroes as he felt the term is used as an excuse to engage in “Unjust Wars”.

But those who died, those who literally gave everything, who will never see their families, who will never hold their children, who will never again know their partner’s embrace – these people are heroes.

They paid a price Mr. Hayes would never be willing to pay for this country. I’m sure he’d have a dozen great-sounding reasons why he wouldn’t serve as well: he doesn’t trust the leadership, he’s more valuable somewhere else, he won’t engage in unjust wars, blah, blah, blah. And he will surely have an army of followers supporting him, as they are all over the blogosphere right now, agreeing with his statements. As we speak, they are writing comments citing “facts” that are patently false about our intelligence, our income levels, and our education. They are developing arguments for why Hayes is right, why we are wrong, why anyone who serves isn’t worthwhile or has no other options. If you don’t believe me, please go look at the comments section under any Hayes article regarding this topic on a non-military blog.”

Douche of the Week: Chris “The Real Hero” Hayes from MSNBC Nick at

“Tuesday night, watching the election returns from Wisconsin was an object lesson in a few areas. On both CNN and MSNBC, the pundits and hosts proved they cannot divide. Flashed on their screens were comparisons of total spending on the governor’s race that showed $45 million in total for Scott Walker, and but $9 million for the poor beleaguered forces of Tom Barrett, the candidate of “the people” (the unions). Of course, the unions’ direct or in-kind spending throughout the recall effort, variously estimated at $20 million on the governor’s race alone, was excluded from the comparison. In any case, the geniuses of the left, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Ed Schultz among them, all bemoaned this 7-to-1 or 8-to-1 spending disparity, all a result of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. One would think that 45 divided by 9 is not a tough calculation.

The left is unwilling to accept that a majority of American voters might not be with them, and that ordinary Americans (not just the ultra-rich) might contribute to Republicans. The start of the general election cycle is providing evidence that 2012 will not be a replay of 2008.”
Citizens United Becomes the Left’s All-Purpose Excuse: Richard A. Baehr, American Thinker

The left’s culture, their ‘Weltanschauung’ (world view) is one where they are somehow privy to the truth[tm]. A terrible world where evil Megacorporations control everything, the government is out to get them and only they can save us! The truth is that they are as power hungry as the corporations they despise. The “Military–industrial complex“? Ike was trying to warn the country about Kennedy. JFK was the best friend the Pentagon ever had. His Vice President, LBJ gave us Vietnam along with the “Great Society” welfare state we still have today.

It’s not corporations, it’s not the military. JFK expanded the Pentagon because he vowed to get tough on the USSR. He sent advisers to Vietnam. Congress votes to spend money on DoD programs because they produce jobs in their districts and some actually care about America’s security. It’s politicians that control everything and voters in turn control them. Young people join the military for jobs, college money and patriotism. During the war recruiting numbers fell. They shot up when the economy turned sour. To the left it’s a “poverty draft”. In realty people like jobs and have money, especially those with families. Oh and health care too. The military provides those, along with good olde fashioned patriotism and values. People vote for politicians based on issues or the economy. No slick corporate ad campaign and save your ass when the voters are out of work or wages are stagnant.

The left lives in their own world. One where the people are sheep. Vote for the party of free stuff and socialism. Oh and you college students can stick it to the man![tm]

The truth is that the left goes fucking nuts when things don’t go their way. The whole anti-war movement was really anti-Bush. With a democrat in the Whitehouse the “peace” movement evaporated. But the mask shows through. Some MSNBC douche can’t comprehend that soldiers are not toys or puppets of the government (a popular lefty way of thinking) but real people. They wine and complain about the milbong putting a boot up Chris Hayes ass. I have never seen ANY leftist come to the aid of the troops they said they wanted home. Never seen them offer to help military families pay bills, or offer to help with PTSD. They love stories of “war crimes” but real flesh and blood American soldiers are props.

The people of Wisconsin voted for Gov. Walker because he says he has a plan. Walker has to deliver or he’s out of office. The left’s plan was to raise taxes and keep paying their union buddies. “Union-Political complex”? You bet your ass. With welfare, food stamps and taxes they have been buy votes with our money. And it’s more costly than anything the DoD and it’s contractors could dream up.


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