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Boobs on parade

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Please engage brain before speaking or writing:

Two Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., airmen who donned their uniforms for a photo session in support of Breastfeeding Awareness Month violated a policy that forbids military members from using the uniform to further a cause, promote a product or imply an endorsement, said Capt. Keith Kosik, spokesman for the Washington National Guard.
–“Guard official: Breastfeeding airmen violated policy on uniforms“: AirforceTimes
(Via:In From The Cold)

“Don’t look for Army Brigadier General Neil Tolley on the two-star list anytime soon.

General Tolley, the former commander of U.S. Special Forces in South Korea, has been replaced in that post, just weeks after he publicly stated that American and ROK SOF forces have periodically entered North Korea on spy missions. “
–“Loose Lips Sink (Some) Ships “, In From The Cold.

It’s sad that the left went into a tizzy over both stories. There will always be idiots in uniform. Some people think that they’re civilians in uniform or that having rank gives them the right to be an ass.

The problem is that many (yes even those in uniform) don’t know about the military and the media doesn’t bother to find out. Pesky facts get in the way of a good narrative after all. I mean, National Guard members have plenty of time to do things like their jobs or parenting. And American’s and ROK soldiers dropping in on North Korea would hand the Norks a propaganda coup.

In the past these stories would have had legs. With milblogs and the internet? They’re DOA.

T-4 is here

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It’s here:

Earlier in the discussion, advertising executive Donny Deutsch raised the possibility of parents using the genetic information to abort children based on superficial preferences: “Look, I’m a pro-choice guy, but at the end of the day what’s stopping people, “Oh, my son is going to be blonde, I want…”

Snyderman largely dismissed such concerns: “I get the genetic engineering issue. But the reality is we’ve already jumped out of that with amniocentesis. So, the science is there. The problem is that science goes faster than we have these societal questions. And that’s exactly why we should have these societal questions now.”

While Snyderman sounded briefly open-minded on the issue, she soon made her “pro-science” declaration and later completely rejected any legal argument against selective abortions.

NBC’s Nancy Snyderman: It’s ‘Pro-Science’ to Abort Children With Genetic Defects


“I have a child who has a genetic “fault” – as these scientists would classify it, and he is the light of my life. Gunner is a happy and rambunctious three-year-old with cystic fibrosis. Through all of his doctor appointments and tests, he is patient and kind and loving and is an incredible example to myself and anyone who gets to know him.”
My son is not a genetic ‘fault’ — the downside of prenatal genetic testing:

By Kristan Hawkins,

“Being born with extra fingers – a condition known as polydactyly – affects one child in a thousand.

Miss Arterton had the most common form, where a small, soft digit, which does not contain a bone, can be see next to the little finger.

Earlier this year, she revealed she was also born with a crumpled ear, which was corrected through surgery.

(C) Rex Features

She’s genetically unacceptable to Nancy Snyderman!

She said: ‘I was born with lots of deformities.’

The actress showed off her curvaceous figure in a stunning gold dress.”

‘I was born with six fingers on each hand’ reveals Bond Girl Gemma Arterton in startling interview

By Chris Johnson, Daily Mail (UK)


Always with the killing. From the Whitehouse’s Science Czar & the racist founder of Planned Parenthood to a pair of British fascists doctors:

“Two medical ethicists connected to Oxford University are arguing in Oxford’s Journal of Medical Ethics that babies have no moral status, and can be killed because they are only “potential persons” rather than “actual persons.” They also argue that if a newborn is disabled, it can be killed.”

British ‘Ethicists’: Babies Can Be Killed :

I worked with the mentally ill and was the reader for college student who was blind and one with dyslexia. Many soldiers have children with disabilities. All would be aborted or sent elsewhere by the left.

Make no mistake, the left has taken the bigot, the racist and eugenics and put a lick of paint on it. They still the hate people they claim to love.

And they’d rob us of Gemma Arterton, those bastards!