Old media is old

Bill Mauldin tells it like it is.

“There is a lesson to be learned here. Crying Man is just the latest in a trend of rabidly delusional liberals who shed all sense of logic and reality in favor of the perception that they’re “right” … they must be right because everything in whatever media they watch or read or listen to proves that they’re right. Their faith in the infallibility of their belief system, to wit, the left side of the left-leaning media, prevents them from even conceiving that there are other perspectives or — gasp — other truths than their own.”

–“We’ve Got the Narrative, Now Don’t Get Cocky“, Posted By Dan Naden, PJmedia.com.

“Do you think American evangelicals are, in general, turning away from the political right and toward the left, as regards Israel and other issues?
The left-wing media want you to – and it appears some of the reporters and opinion-writers for the mainstream media do too. An example that seems to have crossed a new line was Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes, in which veteran reporter Bob Simon framed the plight of Arab Christians in the West Bank as a problem caused by Israel. ”
–“Themage*: 60 Minutes, Media Matters, and media narrative-building on Christians and Israel”:Hotair.com

Establishment fall down go boom. The hippies and the left raged against the establishment and the man[tm]. Then they became the man. And it was good. With only 3 networks and PBS in their corner (funded by the taxpayers), print media on their side the national conversation was what they wanted it to be.

Suddenly internet.

We must be careful. The blogs, twitter and forums are out of anyone’s control. However they are open to nutjobs and cranks. The birthers, the 9/11 “truth” movement, racists and anti-Semites know no political loyalty they just want an audience. Thankfully this weakness cuts both ways. For every wack statement and gaffe on the right there are gaffes on the left. The left hates it when those gaffes expose their ideology for what it is. Elizabeth Warren isn’t Native American, until she has to apply for a job. For every nutjob on the right, there are violent terrorists on the left.

We mustn’t get cocky. The left is getting desperate. They are getting violent. We need to expose racism to take that away from the left. We need to ignore the Washington establishment. They care more about their retirement than helping the country. Old media will shrink but that’s okay. It’s evolution. Newspapers are losing readers, the TV news has to compete with people in their pajamas and they are losing.

Many will not like this change. My father didn’t trust the internet. He got e-mail half a year before he died. This from a man who built two TRS-80 computers from kits and helped me fix two of mine. To his generation, newspapers and TV news were part of the landscape and mail came to the mailbox. When I left for college he used e-mail because it was faster then letters and cheaper than long distance.

The left will try to exploit those resistant to change. They’ll use FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to cower them. When that doesn’t work they have violence. They have been trying to get us to shut up for decades. Humor and ridicule was one face of the monster that is the left, violence is just the other side of the coin.

While this may work for people who don’t know how to use a computer or the blue-haired AARP set, most of America isn’t buying it. The economy is sour, there’s still war in the Middle East and the US is still hated by the “Third World”. The Occupy Movement failed because they had to allies. Without control of the message, they couldn’t cover up the rapes and other crimes they committed. With blogs and Fox news reporting the truth, America shrugged and Occupy joined the Weathermen in the ash heap of history. They may try to smear and lie but truth wins out every time.

Maybe if the media talked with us instead of to us, maybe if they let us be a part of the conversation instead of complaining that blogs have no standards of ethics, they wouldn’t be losing their influence in the national discourse. Blogs do have standards, you know. If I make a mistake, you people have no problem telling me about it, and I correct it. If the Washington Post makes a mistake, there’s virtually no way to tell them about it, and, if by some miracle, we get through, they sniff and haw about how we must mistaken.
Sally Quinn; irrelevant and tearful, This Aint Hell.

We fail the country if we adopt the lie. If we let nutjobs or the violent hijack our movement. If we let nutjobs or lazy politicans cloak themselves in our movement. It we cry and scream if an election doesn’t go our way. Our candidates are winning, but if they lose they lose. There’s always next election.

The truth hurts in the way that eating right and exercising hurts. Lies are like junk food, they taste good now but they hurt later. We need to stick to the truth.

It’s never a good time to spike the football or coast on past achievements. War, economic crisis, crime..it never ends. We need to have our heads on swivels. There is always some lefty with the easy answer. Some new ‘ism’ or some Marxist bullshit that tempts the young or the chattering classes. Or some nutjob who thinks that “tea party”, “conservative”, or “Patriot” can be put on like the surplus uniform he’s trying to wear.

The left’s choking on their junk food. We need to keep eating right.


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