Liberalism’s fall: the left will go insane

If the Democrats lose the Whitehouse we’ll see the left explode in rage and craziness not seen since the 2000 election.

When elections don’t go the left’s way, they file lawsuits. When a president or candidate they don’t like becomes popular, they ridicule them in the media. When bloggers blog, journalists ask questions or people want answers: ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

The left has a narrative. One where JFk and 9/11 were plots of a vast right-wing conspiracy, and the left is some shining beacon of hope. The truth is that JFK was the victim of a left-wing nut, Islamists planned the 9/11 attacks, and the left has been shilling the same message for decades.

But like a child who refused to give up Santa Claus, the left loves it’s narrative. They need that narrative. If the truth comes out, they have to admit that they failed. That we can’t afford the welfare state they sold us. Admit that we need to prepare for a hostile world not cower or appease those who want to kill us.

There will be fiction, protests, another “Occupy” movement, more SWATings, more deranged acts disguised as “dissent”. They will not accept change lightly. We must be ready. The crazy is coming, brace yourselves.

3 Responses to “Liberalism’s fall: the left will go insane”

  1. Mr. Chockblock — I see a good mind at work !!
    (yours) .

    29 April 1992
    28 June 2012
    We, The Men of Freedom, are facing actual large-scale, vicious,
    communist, MOB HOSTILITY — bent upon massive theft, murder, and sheer destruction. This mindless horde (MANY “american” VOTERS) is not rational and is not open to persuasion — it will defeated only with ruthless determination, and for this, the Republican Party Politicians — are NOT up to the task (most are not).

  2. “will BE defeated” — I omitted the word “be.”

  3. If there are GOP pols, RINOs and others who don’t have the stomach for the fight, we should vote’em out.

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