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Intellectually and morally bankrupt. The news, hollywood and most of our media establishment are idiots.

But I couldn’t come up with anything tying any of the James Holmes’s I found to the massacre in Colorado. I didn’t post any of what I found. Neither did most other people who were doing similar searches.

ABC News’ Brian Ross, on the other hand, reported on the air that his “investigation” had led him to a Jim Holmes who had connections to a Tea Party group. That turned out to be completely and totally false. Ross leaped to a predetermined storyline — Tea Party = violence — smeared an innocent man and changed that man’s life forever. Did Brian Ross ever stop to think that he could be sparking more violence?
The Difference Between a Network Reporter and a Blogger: Bryan Preston , July 20, 2012,

Insty has HuffPo staning on the dead, to push gun control.

I get it liberals, you have a narrative. Crazy asshat mows down innocent people and he must be...tea something or other. Never let a crisis go to waste. A bad president used a terrorist attack to boost his poll numbers. So the gun control crowd will do more of the same. Why is old media dying? The mask is off. We can see that they are pushing an agenda. There is no news, just lefty propaganda and anti-Americanism cloaked as “the truth.” Even the gun control crowd can’t just push legislation through anymore.

So a “real journalist” frames an innocent man. What have those lame bloggers done really? Except save a journalist’s reputation, take down a biased reporter and expose Project Gunwalker.

There can be no common ground with the left if they insist on name calling and throwing blame. There can be no “new civility” if it’s just code for “shut up”.

This is why we can’t have nice things lefties. This is why the Tea Party and the right blogosphere exist. The left sees code words and racism everywhere. We see the left losing it’s mind. The media sells rebellion and freedom, but they just want control.

Don’t watch ABC, don’t buy anything Disney until Brian Ross is fired. If they won’t listen to reason, they will listen to their sales figures.