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How to keep the all volunteer military

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“One of the recent initiatives the President or at least the folks at the Pentagon have put forward is a 401K style retirement system. Along with Tricare hikes it is assumed that this will somehow lower the personnel costs of the military. The benefits that the military enjoys, or at least the Active Duty Service Members, are far better than any civilian jobs so why not cut them? Unfortunately this might well cut at the very heart of the all volunteer force. Again and again we have seen that the pay that SMs receive is far lower than their civilian counterparts. Even 4-star Generals and Admirals who make about as much in a month as an E-1, the lowest rank makes in half a year, but the jobs they do and their responsibilities, were they in the civilian world would make them easily ten to fifteen times as much.”
–“Military Benefits Are Not So Clear Cut “: the Madness of the Combat Medic
(h/t: Business Insider)

The movie The Best Years of Our Lives showed the problems that WWII vets had returning home. The most poignant character was a man who lost both his hands (played by a real veteran who did lose his hands). The country seems to move on, forgetting about the vets who fought for it. Wars are fleeting, battles forgotten. The WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets had the GI Bill at least. However not all scars are physical.

But the fact remains that young service members have, are and will give the best years of our lives. For what? Not the money. There are many jobs that pay more than the military. Many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are on food stamps.

Spare me the talk about benefits. You can’t put health insurance in the refrigerator and Tricare has many problems. The life insurance isn’t that great either.

The left wants to cut anything military. In their twisted worldview they see military pay and bennies as the socialist utopia they have never been able to get. There are some on the right that just want to cut government period.

A draft would bring crap into the ranks. Citizens with no values will not get them with a draft notice in the mail. Likewise, troops need at least 2 years to gel with their units. 3 years to really learn their jobs and at 5-6 years you have “tribal knowledge” that makes the military run. Warrant officers and Senior NCO’s come from NCO’s and Petty Officers who came up through the ranks. Generals and Admirals come from officers who spent time as junior officers. Yes there have been draftees who stayed on, but those were few. A draft army is a slave army. It belongs in the past.

Cut benefits and watch experienced leaders, NCO’s and soldiers leave in droves. Why should they stay if they can’t feed their families or pay their bills? You can’t draft them because they have finished their terms of service. Once decades of skill walk out the front gate you can’t get it back.

Experience can’t be bought, drafted or come from a book. The modern career soldier wants to serve. He or she faces more danger and has greater responsibly than any civilian worker. Unions bled state governments dry due to their electing lapdog democrats who promised the moon. Service members were promised modest bennies (compared to teachers and lifeguards who make $100k pensions, some after criminal convictions). Civilian business leaders never had to pay bills after coming home from a long military exercise. They didn’t get shot at. Many general officers who call for pension reform are receiving lavish pensions AND getting paid to say that pensions and bennies need to be cut. So called “journalists” are just leftist shills.

If this country wants a military staffed by service members with experience, it must love them as much as they love their country.