The real war on science

“Remember: People still sell snake oil. They just put pictures of leaves on the bottle now.
—Cracked, “8 Health Foods That Are Bad For Your Health”

The left loves to shout that it loves science. While it’s true that many college students are lefties, the progressive left HATES science. Starting in the 1960’s, opposition to the Vietnam war, the new Environmental movement and the subversive activities of the Marxist left converged into the “Progressive” movement we now know today.

The end results is a mistaken believe/worship of anything “natural” and seeing science, the military and “corporations” as the same thing. What does that get the rest of us? has the answer:

One Response to “The real war on science”

  1. non-nazi progressive conservative-leaning left libertarian Says:

    There is quite a bit of anti-science on the left, but unlike what the video may suggest, libertarians are also guilty of that. They can also be anti-vax and even HIV/AIDS deniers under the relatively common (and shared with the right-wing) “irrationale” that, if there’s a plausibly good governmental solution for “something bad”, then it’s somehow more likely that this “something bad” doesn’t exist (or, at best, isn’t bad). Instead of trying to argue for a non-governmental or private alternative solution. The left is very often anti-science in certain environmental issues, or non-issues, like nuclear energy, though. Ironically that posture ends out aggravating the real problems (both environmental and “simply” humanitarian, human hazards) caused by irrational, disproportionate, fear of nuclear energy. But I prefer to step on the side of “overly cautious” precautions on many environmental issues, whereas the most “natural” libertarian (and right-wing) position would be to overlook, dismiss the dangers of environmental pollutants, in favor of short-term profits. But perhaps ironically, one of the best examples of pollution is China (which perhaps is “left”, even though certainly some would dispute that), and I’ve heard that ex-soviet countries didn’t fare very well in this regard anyway. So it’s not like any “side” is 100% right on anything. And corn biofuel is also stupid, for something more clearly of the modern-western left. Which also didn’t have much disaproval from some sectors of the right, happy to please corn producers with subsides. Not only left and right aren’t either 100% right, but many times will agree on something they’re both wrong.

    I’m curious about Obama’s assertion on vaccines and autism. I’m not exactly a fan/supporter (of him or of the vaccine-autism link), but I’d not be surprised if he just had taken a somewhat skeptical/agnostic/non-dismissive/diplomatic stance on a subject on which he may not be very up-to-date, instead of just taking immediately the apparent “science-safe” side. And that some would try to pin that on him as “anti-science from the left”, ironically while talking of political use of science.

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