Artist vs Warriors

A long time ago, a friend of mine had a theory about presidents he called “The Artist vs. The Warrior.

The Artist is that friendly face on the TeeVee saying that he’ll fix our problems and he cares.

The Warrior says that he is up to the challenge and will face our enemies.

The Artist talks about America’s past greatness.

The Warrior says we are a great nation.

The Artist makes promises.

The Warrior talks about action and follows through.

American voted on Nov 6th. They voted for the Artist.

Yes American, you want more gov’ment cheese.

As someone is fond of saying, something that can’t go on forever, won’t.

Those getting bennies and free stuff will be pitted against those who have to pay for it. Class warfare and the race card will continue to be played. There is no war on women, there is a war on our way of life. The Media is in the tank for those in power.

But we’ll keep fighting.
We love our country and don’t fear the hate, the slander or the lying media.

The Artist is a liar. Most of them promise more than they can deliver. The myth of “fairness”, that America is hostile to people who aren’t rich & white. Some pastors may “damn” America as some professors lie to their students, but main street still believes in the land of the free.

If the GOP is so in love with being in power that they are putting candidates who are no better than the Democrats, they need to go. Have we not learned from the Randy Cunningham scandals? From Jerry Fallwell? That Todd Akin is a flaming moron?

We will rebuild. You, leftie thinking “four more years of free stuff”, you own this mess. You drove us off the fiscal cliff.

Thanks, we’ll remember next November.


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