“Son, all these bad things don’t happen to you because you have bad luck; they happen to you because you’re a dumbass. “

The pic that got the dumbass fired

This pic got the dumbass fired

“”She’s devastated,” Stone’s father told the Boston Herald. And her future might be, too.”

” In case you somehow missed the story, Lindsey is the woman who managed to exercise her right to free speech in a manner so incredibly offensive that people across the nation took to social media demanding she be fired from her job. If your love of civil liberties has you feeling sorry for her, you might want to hold back on defending her here.”

This post’s title is a quote from Red Foreman of That 70′ show. He was supposed to be a straw man, the cold dad in contrast to “free spirit” kids of the show. However the Jerkass had a point.

This wasn’t a lapse, she was an adult. Arlington National Cemetery is a war grave. What liberal sites like Gawker forget is that her right to be a dumbass ends where the grave begins. Of course liberals believe that we have a right to act like children (see Fluke, Sandra). This woman is a child in an adult’s body. She worked for an assisted living facility that cares for veterans.

She would be in charge of medication, she was supposed to care for people who can’t care for themselves.

And yet she can’t keep her idiocy to herself, she had to share it with the world.


3 Responses to ““Son, all these bad things don’t happen to you because you have bad luck; they happen to you because you’re a dumbass. “”

  1. Actions have consequences….this dumbass has realized hers. Good on the Assisted Living Facility.

  2. Stacy Peper Says:

    We have an entire generation of children that, thanks to the liberal education system, has no concept of consequences for their actions, words or choices. Well guess what, Ms. Stone just received a lesson she should have learned long ago. Stop and think about how your choices and actions will impact others because it may come back to you.

  3. jared Welmers Says:

    I get what the anger is for but I view that some people’s hatred of this girl is over blown. There is even a website devoted to her now. What is next, a meme? http://www.lindseystone.net/

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