And speaking of dopes…

“South Korean rapper PSY and the massive YouTube hit “Gangnam Style” seemingly came out of nowhere, but no one can say they didn’t see this coming. After a huge backlash following news that he had performed at an anti-American protest in 2004, PSY has issued an apology this afternoon.

“I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted,” reads the statement. Huh”
“PSY apologizes for anti-American lyrics, but do Americans accept? Yankees ‘interpret’ lyrics”,

The wall plus the dome are enabling Israel’s leaders to abdicate their responsibility for thinking creatively about a resolution of its own majority-minority problem with the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Really? I would have said that the fence itself is a creative solution to the majority-minority problem in the West Bank, in that it prevents the majority Arabs from sneaking into Israel proper to commit murder. And Iron Dome creatively protects Israel against rocket attacks from Gaza. Is Friedman seriously suggesting that terrorist attacks from Gaza were a good thing because they forced Israel to “think creatively” about the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem? Common sense is not Friedman’s strong point”

“Iron Dope”: Powerline blog

“A new Global Terrorism Index this week showed that terrorism went up from 2002 to 2007 – largely because of the conflicts in Afghanistan/Pakistan and Iraq — but has declined ever since.

In any event, it is a good idea that the United States find a way to conduct its anti-terrorism campaigns within a more normal legal framework, rather than rely on blanket wartime authority granted in a panic after Sept. 11.”
— Useful idiot Fareed Zakaria, via

The thing the people like PSY and Tom Freidman forget is that US troops have gone to bat for their freedom. PSY can dance his stupid horsey “Gangam Style” dance because US troops kept him and his parents from the North Korean Army. His “K-pop” sound comes from the music US troops brought over. If not for the US military, he’d be in a communist labor camp. Friedman is a jew-hating leftie. He liked it when the savages of Hamas could murder with impunity because that fit is Marxist narrative. Underdogs and all that rot. Now that Israel can defend itself, he’s all pouty. Fareed Zakaria is the typical leftie dumbass. He hates American “power”, but if he were to say anything critical of the foreign governments he supports, they’d toss him in jail.

PSY realizes that pissing off his biggest market is a bad move. When will Friedman and Zakaria realize that they’re sleeping with the enemy?

Brad hammers this point home with pictures.

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