The democrats stop to cheat

“So the Soviets were from the New England Patriots school of cheating, which says that even if you’re vastly superior to your opponent, you cheat anyway. Just for the pure hell of it.”
—, The 7 Ballsiest Sports Cheats Ever

So the “reality based community” knows that voters won’t vote for their real agenda so they stoop to AstroTurf and outright fraud.

The left hired teams from Facebook, Google and Twitter to engineer the 2012 elections. Of course Facebook gets a tax break. Media Matters funds a social media site to dumb down the left’s message. Remember when the left was furious over sound bites in the 90’s? Guess they love’em now (only they call them memes).

When all else fails good ol’ voter fraud FTW!

“Well-publicized instances of attempted voter fraud by high-profile Democrats in Virginia and Maryland have helped Republican lawmakers make a case for tougher voting requirements.”
Democratic voter fraud cases become ammo for Virginia GOP, Washington via Instapundit.

So this is how they want to play it. Using their friends in the Media, IT and outright breaking the law. They run on ignorance. All guns are “assault weapons”, all people must pay their “fair share”.

“But the next 12 months are likely to reveal the opposite. Imminent elements of Obama’s grandest policy move, the health-care overhaul known as ObamaCare, are calculated to screw his most passionate supporters and to transfer wealth to his worst enemies.”
Obama Prepares To Screw His Base: Buzzfeed

The real costs have to be hidden. Bans, taxes, freedoms denied. No one would vote for the left if they knew what they really want. So out comes the rallies, the spin and the media to the rescue. Hollywood and Silicon Valley get tax breaks and we get to pay for the attempts to lie to the American people.

Given the sad state of American education and that the left bills itself as the party of “free stuff”, the lies are selling.

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