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Via Instapundit:

All in all, I became convinced that high levels of low-skill immigration are good for wealthy Americans and bad for poor Americans. Far more important, high levels of illegal immigration—when you start to get into the millions, as we have—undermines unions and labor standards, lowers wages, heightens social tensions, strains state budgets, widens income inequality, subverts the rule of law, and exacerbates class divides. The effects go far beyond wages, because few undocumented workers earn enough to cover anything close to the cost of government services (such as education for their children) they require, and those services are most important to low-income Americans. In short, it’s an immense blow to America’s working class and poor.
–“Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill It’s about low-wage American workers “: T.A. FRANK,THE NEW REPUBLIC.

It’s all about the “poor”. In Star Trek, Guinan the Bartender[tm] talked about disposable people. Ironically, Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew boasted about having a Mexican Maid[tm] as the perks of being in Hollywood.

It was never about “right” or “immigrants”, it was about a new underclass the wealthy left can exploit. From Wal-Mart, Tyson Chicken, the Fast food industry and other places that employ those who live on low wages, the new immigration bill is a godsend. More people they can employ for crap wages. For democrats, a bumper crop of votes from those dependent on the welfare state.

Look at Detroit, California and other “blue state” areas to see how the left has ruined everything it touches.

Remember, the Boston Bombers were on welfare, as were many domestic terrorists here and in the UK.

Oh yeah, also from Insty, liberal rag the Atlantic asks: ” 10 Years After the Fall of Saddam, How Do Iraqis Look Back on the War?