Elections mean things

So America’s youth voted for free stuff and Obama, hope and change because it wasn’t Bush or Romney. We heard a lot about Iraq and Bain Capital:

“Millennials’ future is summed up by joblessness, part-time work, and a cozy futon in mom and dad’s basement. But it didn’t have to be this way. Our economic struggles are a direct result of years of an ever-growing regulatory regime, in which reams of red tape are making steady, full-time employment for young people harder to find and more difficult to keep.
Millennials Have Nothing To Celebrate When It Comes To Employment, Forbes.com via Instapundit

The democrats seem to enjoy being the party of “youth”. There was the ad where John McCain was accused of not being able to use a computer (because the NVA beat him when he was a POW). Mitt Romney was a greedy Bain Capitalist who was gonna fire everyone for the Koch Brothers….

And we see that most of America is unemployed. Part time work is the new normal and we’re getting ready to strike on Syria.

How’s that hope and change? Good thing we didn’t elect Romney right?

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