Check Yourself

The New York Times gives us this gem:

ISTANBUL — The Pentagon quietly announced last month that the U.S. military is leaving the air base it has operated in Kyrgyzstan as a staging area for American troops and matériel since 2001. While the move will complicate American efforts to wind down the war in Afghanistan, the decision has much broader ramifications: It marks the end of a brief experiment to extend American power and influence into the distant strategic arena of Central Asia

The move to Romania is suggestive, too, of a strategic retreat Westward. The edge of the Black Sea is the farthest east that NATO has been able to advance. Romania and Bulgaria are both members of the European Union and the Atlantic alliance. The future of the countries farther east on the Black Sea, notably Ukraine and Georgia, may still be up for grabs. But Central Asia now appears to have been a bridge too far.
U.S. Checked in Central Asia: By JOSHUA KUCERA

Oh Joshie my boy. I suspect that it’s not doom and gloom so much as the MSM is on the other side, to borrow a line from Professor Reynolds.

Ever since the 1960’s there has been the drumbeat of “America shouldn’t intervene”, “America should make peace” etc. From leftist profs. who were Soviet stooges to “peace movements” that hate America, the left wants so see the US recede from the world.

So with the current administration playing into Iraq and Afghanistan war fatigue, now comes US withdrawal from central Asia.

Just in time for that region to start boiling over.

So the Gray Lady sez that the US is “checked”. Of course we are! That’s what they wanted. The US out of the Middle East, the US to lay of Russia and China. Our heads in the sand and our eyes on the latest drek for Hollywood as we get our gov’ment cheeze. They can bemoan the lack of US bases in central Asia, but if we were still there, the NYT would be slamming the US for being there. “Why antagonize the Russians? Why provoke China?” or my favorite “China/Russia/Al Queda/Iran can’t fight the US directly! All this defense talk is scare/warmongering!”

It’s 1939 all over again folks. The media and many in DC have their heads up their forth point of contact. They are more concrened with winning over the dumb “low information voters” than the state of the world. We’ll have peace in our time, until the first shots are fired.

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