About Chockblock

I’m just a typical solider, husband, parent, psyche major, computer geek, anime fan and science nerd.

I have a BS in psychology from New Mexico Tech.

I am divorced with 2 children (they live with their mom).

I am a qualified 14J Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator/Maintainer, currently a 14E Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer. The “Enhanced” means I get to fix the equipment and/or clean it after I fire the missiles.

4 Responses to “About Chockblock”

  1. Wow, what a coincidence. We blog on some similar topics and I, too, was a Air Defense Artilleryman. 14R, Bradley Linebacker Crewmember, to be exact.

  2. chockblock Says:

    When were you in? My roomie back in 2004 was the last 14R int he active duty army. After he graduated, the Linebackers were phased out.

  3. I was in the Guard.

  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

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