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It seems we on the right and left like to sometimes assume some of our opponents’ qualities. That is a mistake. You guys should stick to the repressive and oppressive arts, which you are good at. We’ll stick to liberation, which we are good at. –John Grant Opens mouth and inserts foot.

The left lost me with it militant anger at the military, America and modern Amercian life. For a movement that espouses non-violence, tolerance and freedom, they are repressive, bigoted and militant. Mr. Grant’s holier than thou attitude sums up the modern left.

When confronted with the fact, with rejection of the leftist agenda, panic ensues among them. The organized protests (astro-turf), personal attacks and outright lies soon follow. “Progressives” may espouse freedom and peace, but they want control.

Now I don’t believe that all lefties want to destory the country. Some actually believe in making things better. But obsession with the enemy has transformed them into the enemy. Others are trapped in their skewed world view. To them the United States represents repression and corruption. Even as they enjoy our freedoms they root for the destruction of the “establishment”, to borrow a 60’s term. Seeing America fall makes them happy.

WHat both groups have in common is the desire to control and dominate.

Engywook: Next is the Magic Mirror Gate. Atreyu has to face his true self.

Falcor: So what? That won’t be too hard for him.

Engywook: Oh, that’s what everyone thinks! But kind people find out that they are cruel. Brave men discover that they are really cowards! Confronted by their true selves, most men run away screaming!
The Neverending Story.

To achieve their desires, they want control. Over our economy, our lives, and our language. Socialized health care puts the government, not doctors, in control. your medical decisions come from bureaucrats trying to cut costs. Sarah Palin has a son with down’s syndrome, under single payer, that son is an afterthought, a hindrance. He would not get the care he needs because she did not abort him. The elderly, those with cancer. They too are denied care by rationing because that’s fair in the left’s eyes.

Recently, eco-terrorists with the Earth liberation Front toppled an AM radio tower. They claim that Am radio transmissions “cause adverse health effects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with home phone and intercom lines.” Claimed an urgent need to act, the used a stolen excavating machine to try and force the Am station off the air. There was no crisis. Just a need to cause mayhem. It gets them publicity. ELF has a spokesman. They wanted the press. AM radio transmissions have been going on since the 1970’s yet now they feel the need to act. Then they can claim even more outrage when the government slaps them down.

When confronted with their lie, the left rages. The town hall protesters, Sara Palin? Racist. The governemnt, the AM radio station? Polluters. They are out to get them. The left can through up the argument “Look we were wronged, we’re fighting the good right, just look at the opposition!” Rational people would say that they are not intimidated by thugs. People living in the real world don’t want to be beaten down.

That’s unacceptable. That calls for more “direction action”, a euphemism for violence. Or repressive laws. Or lies from sympathetic media figures. Never ones to fight fair, they want to bend and twist society until freedom is just a memory. The man with his finger bitten off at a town hall protest? The left ignored it or tried to spin the story in their favor, whitewashing a brutal act. True the man was being violent, but when push comes to shove, the left is worse. They love violence and mayhem. Only they are better at disguising it as “activism”. You are wrong for stading up for your rights, they are right for kicking you in the face.

That’s repression.

UPDATE: Yeah, Mr. Jones. Your beliefs in 9/11 truth and radical left wing ideology are so important that the Administration has graciously given you more personal time to practice them.

Gutless wonder of a conspiracy theorist quits gutless wonder of a White House in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Labor Day weekend. Good work, Rahm. It’ll be out of the papers by Tuesday. Given that the Van Jones Truther scandal was barely covered in the first place, it’s like it never happened.– Jules Crittenden sums it up

The Revenge of the Chew

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