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While CNN continues to go full retard:

“Yet our research indicates that al Qaeda and those motivated by its ideology are not the only sources of terrorism that the country faces and that terrorists across the ideological spectrum from those motivated by Osama bin Laden’s ideology to neo-Nazis have managed to kill only 30 people in the United States since the attacks on Washington and New York a decade ago.

While each of those deaths is, or course, a tragedy, it is orders of magnitude smaller than the 15,000 Americans who are murdered every year.

Our study also found that Islamist terrorism has been no more deadly in the United States than other forms of domestic terrorism since September 11.”–Study reveals the many faces of terrorism.

Two CNN hacks quote the Southern Poverty Law Center (they of the “Vets are going to blow up America” fame) to try and PC the ten years since 9/11.

At the very same site comes this gem:

“Editor’s note: Edward Morrissey is a senior editor and correspondent for the conservative commentary website

(CNN) — In the film “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray has to live through the exact same day thousands of times. In this administration, most Americans can be forgiven for feeling as though they’ve lived through the same economic speech from President Obama nearly as many times. Given the extraordinary setting of a joint session of Congress, one has to question the notion of scheduling a rerun against the first-run debates taking place among Republican challengers to this president.” Obama speech like Groundhog Day.


It’s little things like this that put us one more step ahead of the left and closer to the White House. Before 2004, legacy media would never have let a right wing blogger even be seen around their buildings. Clinton demonized talk radio, the left has Fox News, but the web is used by everybody.

By trying to catch our fire, they admit theirs is going out.

New and old media fail

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So it’s come to light after Weinergate that Sarah Palin’s e-mails as governor have been released after lefty rag Mother Jones did a FOIA request.

The result?

So what did she [Rachel Maddow] do Friday night in the segment about the Palin e-mails? She highlighted an e-mail sent to Palin by someone else to which Palin did not respond, using the phrase “bring beef, tequila and condoms,”

I pity David Corn of Mother Jones, who wanted to ride the Palin e-mails to stardom, but who has been reduced to appearing on Maddow with the phrase “bring beef, tequila and condoms” plastered under his image:
“Rachel Maddow Brings “Beef, Tequila and Condoms” Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

They even hired–er, asked their readers (as did the Washington Post and the New York Times) so comb through the e-mails for free. Aside from a letter about Trig Palin, nothing was found. Nothing at all. Ann ALthouse points out that Weinergate made the dems and the left look silly,so they tried to get Palin as revenge. They got gurgle, small government and family values instead.

Meanwhile, no one in the media ever did this to our leadership. Not a single figure in the Whitehouse or this administration was subject to this kind of rectal exam. We’re involved in four wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen). And the public doesn’t like it.

The left’s “netroots” are no better, ThinkProgress is just making shit up now. As did the rest of the netroots with a hoax involving (you guessed it) Palin.

With the economy tanking, Dems looking foolish and the wars expanding, this is the best our “media” can do? Attack someone not running for any office? She’s a failure, she lost. Right?

They told me if i voted Republican, the corporate media would try to distract the nation away from unpopular wars. And they were right!

(H/T: instapundit Legal Insurrection)


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When my father was alive, he used to dismiss any charges of pres bias. He believed that the free press was operating in the public interest. Even when I was in my twenties, he asserted that he knew that I was wrong and that the press was a force for public good.

I came of age as the Internets became a force for news and politics. The press ossified into a left wing echo chamber. They tired to hide Bill Clinton and the damage his administration did to our country. They actually picked George W. Bush as their favorite Republican candidate in 1999-2000.

And now?

  1. Time Correspondent Who Criticized FNC President Could Block It From WH Press Seat(Newsbusters)
  2. Obama Campaign Advisor Participated On JournoList.(Volokh, h/t: Insty)
  3. Obamagasms on V-O Day at JournoList( Michelle Malkin)
  4. Journolistas Even Clam Up In Unison(legal insurrection)
  5. JournoList as a Management Problem(The Enterprise Blog)

How the might have fallen. Not since the days of Walter Duranty shilling for Stalin has American seen the fourth estate sooo far up a politician’s ass. They cheered when they thought ‘one of our own’ was going to get elected. They shill for the party in power. They want to see the US fail in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want to cover up thing that make the administration look bad. Truth to power of course.

Now we have blogs (and before that talk radio). The internet has leveled the playing field. Of course there are those who wish to silence the blogs. When George Bush was in office, the left used blogs and street protests (with talk of killing a siting president and much violence in the streets) to try and remove him from office.

The Tea Party movement is a grassroots bottom up movement. The protests are peaceful. The blogs talk about the harm current policies are inflicting, not killing any politician of any party. And the Left hates it.

Bias pure and simple. They are the ruling class now, see? We’re just scum, the proles who need to do what we are told. God forbid anyone complains about taxes or opposes wealth ‘redistribution’. That’s raaaacist. The main stream media told me so.

My father would have wept at how the media he came to rely upon transformed into an organ of the Democratic party and it’s radical fringe. It spits on people like him, hard working Americans who pay their taxes and wish to keep what they earn.

Sorry Dad, the media abandoned us.

I don’t watch TV news anymore. I’m returning the favor.

Before people get carried away: Predator video links compromised

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Using a $26 program from Russia, some insurgents have been able to view the video from US drones:

Senior defense and intelligence officials said Iranian-backed insurgents intercepted the video feeds by taking advantage of an unprotected communications link in some of the remotely flown planes’ systems. Shiite fighters in Iraq used software programs such as SkyGrabber — available for as little as $25.95 on the Internet — to regularly capture drone video feeds, according to a person familiar with reports on the matter.

Not control mind you. Those links are encrypted. The DOD wanted those video feeds to have as wide a distribution as possible. The only way to do that was to use commercial off the shelf (COTS) electronics and unencrypted links. Many assumed that the terrorists did not have the know how.

In from the Cold puts that baby to bed:

It’s another testament to our hubris–the same mindset that (prior to World War II) assured us that the Japanese could never produce–let alone fly–a first-class fighter, and that the B-17 would not require fighter escort to reach enemy targets. In both cases, the cost of our arrogance was measured in human lives.

The response has been muted, at least out in public:

“What do you mean the ‘compromise of the data’,” Deptula says. “Nothing is compromised. I want to get information out to the joint forces on the ground, you follow me? If someone does pick [the video feed] up and they don’t know the context of how the information is being used, what’s the compromise?”

Deptula also says the military has been aware of the vulnerability first reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal.

“We’re talking about interception of signals that are broadcast over the air – duh,” Deptula says.

Hacked Predator video no concern: USAF intel chief
By Stephen Trimble

What has happened, to some extent, is that the media smells a scandal. The fable of low-tech insurgents beating the high tech US military started in Vietnam. That story was false. The North Vietnamese had lots of help from the USSR. From SAM sites, to intel ships off the coast that spotted US aircraft. And lots of massive shipments of arms and equipment.

But the media likes to believe the myth. That’s why this story has some legs. The reality is that the signals were broadcast over a wide area, and anyone with a receiver could have picked them up. The terrorists needed Iranian help. That’s what matters. Many in the Obama administration think that we can deal with these maniacs.

They’re wrong.

That Iran had been exploiting this vulnerability speaks volumes over the shortsightedness of the DOD, the Bush and Obama administrations.

While the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan would not find much use, for Iran, Syria, China and Russia (who sells tech to nations we don’t like) this was a goldmine. They now know how we operate our UAV’s (and sensors on our aircraft too).

No UAV’s were “hacked”, the control signals are narrow band, encrypted and they don’t have the tech for that. The danger lies in future operations being compromised by our present shortsightedness.

The Worm Turns (and the left turns on the President)

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President Obama has announced his strategy of sending 30,000 troops (short the 10,000 GEN McChrystal wanted).

But there have been many missteps. And the left is turning on the President, despite saying (during the Iraq War) that Afghanistan is the “just war.”

Outside West Point. On MSNBC.

And the biggest (and I mean biggest) political gadfly Michael Moore had this to say:

MOORE: No. That didn’t work in Vietnam. It’s not going to work in Iraq. It was interesting to hear him essentially praise the Bush policy in Iraq and how it succeeded. I mean, it was really bizarre to hear him say some of these things. And I have to tell you, Larry, I hate to be even saying these things because I honestly think Barack Obama is a good and decent man. He has a good heart. I believe he’s a man of peace. I was thrilled that he won the [Nobel] Peace Prize. So to see him make this mistake- I don’t think there’s any kind of evil or dark place in his heart that- where this is coming from. I just think that he’s listened to the generals.

Of course the President listened to the Generals. That’s what the generals are for! Only in the left’s fantasy land can troops magically be shifted to Afghanistan duringt he battels for Iraq (or magically come home in a few months with out the 100 mile long convoy of doom ‘cut and run’ would have required).

Now that the president is trying to fight the war, the left just turns on him.

“Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan is the last in a string of disappointments. His flip-flopping acceptance of the military coup in Honduras has squandered the trust of Latin America. His Wall Street bailout leaves the poor, the unemployed, minorities and college students on their own. And now comes the Afghanistan-Pakistan decision to escalate the stalemate, which risks his domestic agenda, his Democratic base, and possibly even his presidency.”
Granolakrieg!— Jules Crittenden quotes 60’s leftover Tom Hayden

They don’t hate war (the left was silent when Russia invaded Georgia and used ballistic missiles on their cities). They don’t hate killing (the left is silent on suicide bombers, some western profs even write poems to them*). they hate the US, the US military and for some reason seem to want to use their freedoms to take away ours.

The anti-war left was never about being anti-war. It was always about power. Now that the President is using his war powers to act, they turn on him.

*–Yes, Google the name of Ayat al-Akhras and you’ll find the sickening ode to her murders.

Hope and Climate Change: The Emperor has no clothes.

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I had a friend who became an environmental engineer. It’s not the weak fluff-laden PC course you’d think. He took several semesters of physics, biology, chemistry and engineering. Just before he did his senior thesis he confided something to me:

The Emperor has no clothes, global warming is a sham.

He had seen the data, he (and a few others on campus) agreed. Global warming is made up, just like global cooling and toher supposed man-made disasters. I agreed but told him that he could never state that out loud becuase the campus enviro-nut and many professors would crush him.

He was right of course: (just a sample of the links out there)

  1. Climatic Research Unit e-mail hacking incident.(Wikipeida)
  2. “The world has stopped getting warmer, defying the complex models that predicted anthropogenic global warming to continue until it reached crisis proportions”(Neptunis Lex)
  3. WaPo reports on East Anglia CRU e-mails, global-warming controversy(Hot Air)
  4. Pajamas Media gies us an count of the code in the climate models. and Congress may probe the scientists to see if they misled the public. (h/t Neptunus Lex)
  5. Some people don’t get it. (Newsbusters)
  6. jules crittenden has a good roundup of reaction in the press. They were climate change and envior wacky cheerleaders for years, now what are they going to do?
  7. Even a climate change believer thinks that the e-mails are bad news.(Guardian Online)

Well, guess what, the very powerful have acted very stupid. Altering the facts to fit your views is not science. Yet they would crush free enterprise and economic growth because of their agenda. The only winners so far seems to be the loony left and neo-marxists. Green is the new red.

No I realise that pollution is bad. Yes. I. Get. It. But change the climate? As if humans have the power. An open secret has been that the world is recovering from a mini-ice age in the middle ages. Their may be other causes to global warming if it is occurring. The debate is far from settled.

Tell that to the left. Warming of the planet and melting oceans fit their idea of a harmful west. Resources need to be redistributed, technology needs to be restricted (unless your a wealthy elite in New York, London or LA). Disagree and you’re just a wealthy white man who wants to oppress the planet.

Why is there no debate? Why is dissent not tolerated? The BBC got the climate gate files but refused to cover them. Did a White House science adviser ridicule scientists who did not agree with global warming?

I’ve known solar physicists Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon for a long time. I’ve published articles with Willie and enjoyed extensive communication. I was on advisory committees with them when Sallie suddenly and politely withdrew from the fray. I don’t know if the following events were contributing factors but it is likely.

Baliunas and Soon were authors of excellent work confirming the existence of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) from a multitude of sources. Their work challenged attempts to get rid of the MWP because it contradicted the claim by the proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Several scientists challenged the claim that the latter part of the 20th century was the warmest ever. They knew the claim was false, many warmer periods occurred in the past. Michael Mann ‘got rid’ of the MWP with his production of the hockey stick, but Soon and Baliunas were problematic. What better than have a powerful academic destroy their credibility for you? Sadly, there are always people who will do the dirty work.
— Newsbusters quotes Canada Free Press.

In law, the famous adage goes, “When the facts are on your side hammer the jury, when the law is on your side hammer the judge, if neither is on your side hammer the table.”. THe Left has been hammering the table over and over again but we are the ones getting nailed.

Chew on this: Yes we Can?

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Tasty links as the month of October leaves us:

  1. “What the left-wing excuse factory wants is for the American people to overlook the radicalism of the people populating Obama’s inner circle”(Patterico)
  2. Shepard Fairey Lies like a rug, gets caught Like all propaganda, the HOPE poster is as thin as a (false) promise.(Jues Crittenden)
  3. “Via
    Obama would have done better if he would have opened a McDonalds in each state.”
    (Gateway Pundit)
  4. Turkey goes from pro-Western Democracy to “a full member of the Iranian axis” and our leaders don’t care. (powerline)
  5. Ace defends Rush Limbaugh (Ace of spades)
  6. Lapdog Media Pot calls Fox News kettle black (Jawa Report)
  7. “…a lot of folks are saying health care is a right for all and we all should help pay for it. I’m wondering: Since owning a gun is a right, do you think everyone can chip in and get me a new rifle? (Confederate Yankee)
  8. Gates reminds Emanuel/Obama he is Sec Def(ace of spades)

also via Gateway Pundit: