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Told you so

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Back when I worked for a mental health clinic, I saw first hand the problems of paying for health care. It’s one thing to promise care, but when the bill comes due, providers (state or private insurance) are quick to say no. The state was the worst actually, they were quick to find any excuse not to pay and were quick to bitch when we were in the right and had to make them pay.

So when conservatives talked of “death panels”, the left and the Main Stream Media[tm] called them crazy and accused them of scaring the public.

How can we learn to say no?

The federal government is now starting to build the institutions that will try to reduce the soaring growth of health care costs. There will be a group to compare the effectiveness of different treatments, a so-called Medicare innovation center and a Medicare oversight board that can set payment rates.

But all these groups will face the same basic problem. Deep down, Americans tend to believe that more care is better care. We recoil from efforts to restrict care. …

From an economic perspective, health reform will fail if we can’t sometimes push back against the try-anything instinct. The new agencies will be hounded by accusations of rationing, and Medicare’s long-term budget deficit will grow.

So figuring out how we can say no may be the single toughest and most important task facing the people who will be in charge of carrying out reform. “Being able to say no,” Dr. Alan Garber of Stanford says, “is the heart of the issue.”
In Medicine, the Power of No

Sourced from: Hotair: NYT: O-Care is really No-Care

Just like those heartless accountants, they want to say no.

I predict a media backlash against the elderly, the handicapped and the terminally ill.

Just like Romania, the USSR and Nazi Germany: the old and the sick are “drains” and we must save our money. It’s Change we can believe in!

Yeah, until they try to pull your plug.

It’s ironic, the babyboom generation (famous for the “tolerance” and “hoping to die before I get old”) will be the first to feel the wrath of O-Care.

They want to believe

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Charles Krauthammer on the Democrats health care proposal:

The United States has the best health care in the world — but because of its inefficiencies, also the most expensive. The fundamental problem with the 2,074-page Senate health-care bill (as with its 2,014-page House counterpart) is that it wildly compounds the complexity by adding hundreds of new provisions, regulations, mandates, committees, and other arbitrary bureaucratic inventions.

The bill is irredeemable. It should not only be defeated. It should be immolated, its ashes scattered over the Senate swimming pool.

Then do health care the right way — one reform at a time, each simple and simplifying, aimed at reducing complexity, arbitrariness, and inefficiency.

First, tort reform. This is money — the low-end estimate is about half a trillion per decade — wasted in two ways. Part is simply hemorrhaged into the legal system to benefit a few jackpot lawsuit winners and an army of extravagantly rich malpractice lawyers such as John Edwards.

The rest is wasted within the medical system in the millions of unnecessary tests, procedures, and referrals undertaken solely to fend off lawsuits — resources wasted on patients who don’t need them and which could be redirected to the uninsured who really do.

We hear the endless droning of the MSM on how the US healthcare system is so unfair. We must give insurance to everyone! We must make it fair! Universal coverage!

Of course ask how this will be paid for and when you get past the usually soak the rich argument (and counter that taxing the “rich” who even begin to pay for “universal coverage”) and be prepared to hear crickets chirping.

Even Howard Dean admist that Republicans are right to try and kill this bill. Polls show that most are happy with the current health care.

Great Britain tired “universal coverage” and they are reaping what they sowed: Lower standards, “Poor nursing care, filthy wards and lack of leadership”.

If conservatives are accused of being heartless, liberals seem to revile in how much they appear to care. Wages too low? Raise the minimum wage. Despite what that does to the poor Social problems? SPEND! and SPEND MORE! Until the bill comes due and your state’s credit rating takes a hit. And taxes won’t help.

Caring is isn’t half the battle, it’s barely the start of the battle (unless you’re fighting a villain from a Saturday morning cartoon). We’ve had to endure decades of “caring” and “social welfare” until we spend more on entitlements than anything else. We listen to lawyers who say they “care” and now our laws are a hopeless jumble. Bad case laws, junk administrative law and regulations and junk statutes that line the pockets of big law firms. All for huge cash rewards that barely trickle down to the injured parties.

It’s time for rational thinking to take over. It’s time for less caring and more problem solving. We can solve this mess with out taxes, with out employing armies of lawyers. Government is not your parent, your caretaker or you doctor. It is raw naked force. The ax, the jail cell, the audit. Once people realize that they’ll stop clamroing for universial health care pipe dreams and start working on solutions.

knowledge is power!

Horror in Oregon: Elderly Patient given “end of life” instead of chemotherapy

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Sickening. Refusing to pay for chemotherapy, the Oregon health Plan offers assisted suicide. Is this our future? (h/t: Hot Air)

Single Payer crash and burn Re: 6 months

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As the socialized medicine goes down in flames, fingers are being pointed:

While viewers may seize upon numbers that indicate the size and scope of reforming health care — 47 million uninsured Americans or costs in the trillion-dollar range — most eyes glaze over when terms like “public option” or “bundled payments” get tossed around on the air.

“It’s not only not a cable TV-friendly story; it’s not a journalism-friendly story,” said John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC.

Harwood, also a political writer for The New York Times, explained that reporters need to first understand the intricacies and nuances of health care policy before they can then try getting the story across to viewers and readers. Last week, Harwood said, he was “trying to get [his] head around the issue of cost control” before penning a Times column.
Health care talk sinks Obama press conference ratings (h/t: Patterico)

Translation: you rubes should let your betters plan your future. Despite jacking up costs with a shell game designed to hide the bill, scary polices denying coverage and a bill no one has yet to read, you should let the left vote for it anyway!

Yet another right winger:

See, Noah Logue is a deaf. You see, Emanuel, an advisor to the president
” believes that “communitarianism” should guide decisions on who gets care. He says medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled.
. Does this remind you of anything? No wonder Mr. Logue fired back.

BTW: the costs, dear God the costs of this nightmare:

Spending vs. Taxes for Single Payer

Spending vs. Taxes for Single Payer

Source: CBO calls a TKO on the House health bill; (h/t: Hotair)

Ace o’ Spades quotes polls showing undecided voters at 35% in favor and 60%. opposed. Only 16% of them strongly favor the legislative effort while 47% strongly Oppose.

The media is in the tank for this administration, some even admit that they are no longer objective. The public can see through the BS and are now “speaking truth to power.”

As single payer burns, the fingers are being pointed to cover up the shameful bigotry and Eron-esque accounting that will ruin 1/7th of our economy.

America is waking up and they don’t like the change.