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War and Peace: Why we upgrade….UPDATED

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The Return of the Fair Fight

The Air Force fears that the dominance of U.S. airpower has been so complete for so long that it is taken for granted. The ability of the United States to own the skies over any battlefield has transformed the way we fight. The last American soldier killed on the ground by an enemy air attack died in Korea, on April 15, 1953.

Russia, China, Iran, India, North Korea, Pakistan, and others are now flying fourth-generation fighters with avionics that match or exceed the F‑15’s. Ideally, from the standpoint of the U.S. Air Force, the F‑22 would gradually replace most of the F‑15s in the U.S. fleet over the next 15 years, and two or three more generations of American pilots, soldiers, and marines would fight without worrying about attacks from the sky. But that isn’t going to happen.

“It means a step down from air dominance,” Richard Aboulafia, an air-warfare analyst for the Teal Group, which conducts assessments for the defense industry, told me. “The decision not to replace the F‑15 fleet with the F‑22 ultimately means that we will accept air casualties. We will lose more pilots. We will still achieve air superiority, but we will get hurt achieving it.”
The Last Ace
by Mark Bowden

That is not a quote from some right wing nobody, he is the author of “Blackhawk Down.” The point of the article is that cheap, low-cost aircraft that are not “gold-plated” are roadkill. The U.S. advantage in technology is in danger. Our current aircraft fleet is wearing out. Metal fatigue and outdated technology (many contractors went out of business years ago) threaten our Air Force and Navy.

Old legacy Hornets will not last for anything close to 10,000 hours of airframe life no matter what anyone says.

Boeing and the Super Hornet Multi-Year Buy:World Wide War Pigs.

As the Russian S-300 and derivatives come on line in China, Iran and other nations that want to kill us, our aging fighter fleet is being outclassed. Su-27/30 derivatives are also cropping up. China has produced a fight on its own, the J-10, that is just as modern as the F-16. They want to even the odds in a fight with the US. If you want US pilots to come home, you don’t want a fair fight.

Not just fighters, ballistic missiles are becoming even more worrisome. I should know, I am an ADA soldier. Patroit and THAAD work. So does national missile defense. national missile defense faces the budget axe.

Update: it seems that many in Washington have just now caught on to Iran’s nuclear program.

“Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.”– LA Times

Quite the change from 2008, when Democrats complained that the Bush Administration was “saber rattling“. Iran’s leader wants to wipe out Israel. He wishes to dominate the middle east AND stirke Europe and North America (the U.S. is in North America for those of you on the left).

And for those of you on the left, who voted for and attended rallies for hope and change? HA HA! Expect more wars. From

But the dramatic flurry of orders masks deeper truths. Those hoping for fewer wars under Obama might be disappointed. In fact, Obama’s plans could result in greater U.S. military involvement across the globe.

As the world burns, several countries will start to see war as a great way to solve their finicial crisis. Armed with newer weapons, they will seriously hurt American interests and kill many Americans unless we modernize. Every year pundits say that our weapons are too expensive and wasteful. every year the same song and dance. Keep our exisiting systems. The money could be spent on the environment/schools/the welfare state etc. Despite what some critics try to sell the American public, we need to upgrade, regardless of the global finicial situation.

The crash of 1929 led to 1939. WWII came from WWI, the fascists rose to power because of the Great Depression. The world right now is on a similar cliff. Or worse fanatics might simply use war to wreak havoc as part of bigger plan.

Yet cuts continue a pace:

D.C. leadership is not taking this issue seriously. This puts at risk the defense posture of the U.S. and her allies. The F-22 is an air domination machine. The F-35 can not be and is so far nothing more than a marketing gimmick for the purpose of having an export fighter market. The USAF needs at least 500-600 F-22s as a minimum to help maintain global security.Report, 500-600 F-22s Needed For USAF:World Wide War Pigs.

In the 1930’s the US military was underfunded and lacking strength. Many campaigned against US involvement in the war in Europe. After pearl harbor, the U.S.. was forced to expand and isolationist groups fell silent, but it took the loss of American lives to reveal the scope of the problem.

Sadly history may repeat itself.