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Chew on this: CNN a go-go, Brangelia gets creeped out

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Tasty links from the Clinton Cable News Network and around the interwebs:


  1. “Border fence is a dividing line in immigration debate”. I hope so, I want to divide the country from the drug traffickers and thugs who want to kill us.

  2. “Why the 2010 Census Stirs Up Partisan Politics”
    . A naked partisan power grab? That’s not news, not at all.
  3. “GOP senators say Obama off to bad start “. They read the bill, FOR SHAME!
  4. As the world’s governments try to fix the broken economy, CNN reports on what is really important to our political leaders.
  5. And now from the rest of the interwebs:

  6. Octomom “creeped” out Brangelia, meanwhile a 13 year old dad creeps out the entire U.K. (celebitchy & CNN)
  7. “Moderate” Muslim leader responds to his wife’s divorce with a beheading.(gatewaypundit & Michelle Malkin)
  8. Sen. Roland Burris gets a burned by his pal Blago.(Michelle Malkin)
  9. Even ex-pats are being hurt by the bad economy, but staying in a country that jails debtors is stupid. (NY times).
  10. The White House staff gets mugged by reality. (h/t Doubleplusundead)

This one is for you xbradtc:
The Patriot missile systems is used by the U.S. and it’s allies. Here we see a German Air Force systems firing: