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Army SPC wins Olympic Gold

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Source: U.S. Army News Service

Soldier wins Gold, sets new Olympic record

Aug 11, 2008

BEIJING (Army News Service, Aug. 12, 2008) — Spc. Glenn Eller won the Gold Medal in double trap shooting Tuesday, setting an Olympic record with a total score of 190.

Eller’s teammate, Spc. Jeff Holguin, finished fourth. Both Soldiers are members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit based at Fort Benning, Ga.

Way to go! What a great way to start an army career. A Specialist (SPC) is one rank below a Sergeant (SGT).

The Rank of Specialist is awarded after a minimum of two years in the army. Recruits (like me) can come in as a Specialist if we have a college degree.

Specialists are not non-commissioned officers(Corporals and above). However they can hold an NCO position, doing work above their rank/grade. A Specialist can be lateraly appointed to Corporal (CPL). That makes him or her a NCO.

I suspect that Spc. Glenn Eller will pin on Sergeant’s stripes soon.


p.s. rank vs. grade is another post 🙂