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Do we spend to much on defense? One liberal opines …

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Behold the epic takedown:

“The United States is building Submarines and Carriers at a fairly constant rate over the same period”

Sub building rate is barely enough to maintain a minimum sized attack boat fleet, the LA boats are retiring faster than Seawolf is being built.

“while the military has had so many Ohio Class submarines that they had to give them dozens of cruse missiles to justify their continued use.”

The Ohio boats are reaching their end of life, a sub hull can make only a finite number of dives safely. The CGN’s were a way of utilizing boats that were rapidly reaching the age that they would no longer be fit for the boomer role.”
–CT in in the comments section of this article.: We Spend Too Much On Defense, By Gordon Adams, AOL Defense.

Yet another liberal chimes in with “millions for defense” bullshit. CT slaps him down nicely. Ever since the Clinton-era, the DoD has been starving. The Bush era brought an orgry of spending on Iraq, but that was a band-aid on a chest wound. I suspect that may libs WANT the US to fail.


What I’ve always suspected

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“We have surveyed how well prepared in terms of disciplinary course work teachers at various levels felt for teaching various mathematics topics in what is a fairly representative sample of 60 districts. In general, we would summarize the findings by stating that many teachers felt ill prepared to teach mathematics topics that are in state standards and in the new Common Core State Standards for mathematics. Why did these teachers feel so ill prepared?

There is perhaps a simple answer for the elementary and middle school teachers: They felt ill prepared because if we examine the coursework they studied during their teacher preparation, they were ill prepared. The new TEDS study results suggested this to be the case more generally, which clearly does not bode well for equality of learning experiences for students in these districts.”
–“Why Math Teachers Feel Poorly Prepared“: Anna Kuchment,, via insty

My adviser in college talked about a rival school’s education program. Or lack thereof. Students designing classes (for credit) and getting friends to take them. A one semester class on the felt board. Liberal arts majors should not talk about science.

The horrible truth is that most college courses are fluff designed to occupy the students time or they are attempts to teach what the public education system failed the first time. So the people teaching your kids are barely able to understand math and science. But hey they got to read Twilight and watch anime for credit. Teacher tenure meant that these idiots could stay teaching. That may change.

In the meantime, the left will bitch and wine about standardized testing. Most lefties hate math and science because they have hard answers. Soft fluff courses are open to interpretation. It’s all about politics to them. And your kids education suffers.


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Eric Holder, resign your office, it’s the right thing to do:

Via insty and

Many dead Mexican citizens, a cover up, a dead American hero.


Why We Should Use Technology

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In National Review, Clifford D. May writes:

Wars of the future will be very different from wars of the past. Everyone gets that. What many do not grasp: The present war also is very different from wars of the past.

Among the ways: Those defending the West try hard to abide by the laws of war. Those attacking the West say clearly that they will not be bound by any “infidel” rules. They are committed to what they call a “Koranic concept of war.”

It’s not just uniforms and ID tags/cards. It’s not shooting civilians. Not flying jets into buildings. Europe frets over kill lists but that’s because they want to appease the evil hordes at the door.

The French used to find terrorist camps and level them. They’d send their commandos in, they’d kill the terrorists and take as much as they could carry. This put an end to a lot of terrorist groups. The SAS hit the Irish Republican Army hard. Between bad publicity and bullets to the head, the IRA has committed to disarming it’s stockpile.

But special forces raids are risky. Bunkers full of equipment need to be hit somehow.

Cyber warfare was discussed, too. Indira Lakshmanan, a generally sensible Bloomberg reporter, argued that if Americans use cyber weapons, “let’s not think that the Iranians themselves won’t learn from what we’ve done to them and couldn’t release similar bugs on us with potentially devastating consequences. So that’s something we really need to think about.” Yes, and let’s start by considering whether it is remotely plausible that Iran’s rulers, the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism, would conclude that it’s not quite cricket to use such weapons — if only Americans would refrain from using them first.

Lakshmanan’s thinking was befuddled on another score as well: “If we’re sitting at the table with [Iranians] in Moscow next week, how are they going to believe that we’re actually trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with them if at the same time we’re admitting openly that we’re engaged in outright cyber warfare with them?”

Fighting fairly went out with kings and princes. Chivalry is dead. We have laws of warfare, but it’s assumed that all sides will agree to the rules. Terrorists, communists (yes there are still commies), drug lords and other “non-state” actors. China and North Korea don’t take prisoners. African and Middle Eastern regimes are famous for using missiles and artillery to settle disputes.

We don’t fight wars by lining up men, stacking numbers against numbers.

We have stealth jets and stand-off weapons to overcome the numbers of anti-aircraft missiles. We use tanks, APC’s and IFV’s that are part of a network. A Marine Corporal or Army Sergeant can call on the radio and bring the rain. He or she has access to firepower that Patton or MacArthur could only dream about. Sensors, firepower, communications, the “strategic corporal” is the tip of the spear. And a diplomat, and an aid worker.

Forrest Gump is roadkill on the modern battlefield.

So what if we use “cyberwarfare”? Do those lefites with a case of the vapors want US troops to go and dig out nuclear bunkers? Every Predator drone means less pilots and troops at risk. If a computer virus can disable a WMD lab, that means no shooting, no dead Americans paraded through downtown Durka-Durkastan.

JLENS is a radar and optical combo that looks down. It can see cruise missiles and aircraft trying to hide. It can also see enemy troops on the ground many miles away. That means no scout aircraft getting shot at. It means US and Allies have early warning.

The left loves the myth of the underdog. That somehow the Vietcong, Iraqi insurgents and the Taliban are some ragtag “army”. Bull.

Most “non-state” actors are scum. The Lybian and Egyptain revolution have devolved into Islamist takeovers, as the Arab Spring turns into a Fascist Winter. Syria is a hell of advanced weapons and a mad regime desperate to hold on to power.

We use out technology to decimate the enemy. There is no fair in warfare. We respect the enemy, but we’re gonna rain fire down on him. Non-combatants are protected. Those who fight are gonna get set on fire, in uniform or not. From standoff weapons, drones and cyber “weapons”, the bad guys are in for a world of hurt.

Terrorists are only victims in the twisted logic of the left. To us in uniform, they’re targets.

More of that Smart Diplomacy we were promised[tm]

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“We have confronted the Russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to Syria,” Mrs. Clinton said at an appearance with President Shimon Peres of Israel. “They have, from time to time, said that we shouldn’t worry; everything they’re shipping is unrelated to their actions internally. That’s patently untrue.”…

The fierce government assaults from the air are partly a response to improved tactics and weaponry among the opposition forces, which have recently received more powerful antitank missiles from Turkey, with the financial support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to members of the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group in exile, and other activists.

The United States, these activists said, was consulted about these weapons transfers. Officials in Washington said the United States did not take part in arms shipments to the rebels, though they recognized that Syria’s neighbors would do so, and that it was important to ensure that weapons did not end up in the hands of Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups…
–“Heavier Weapons Push Syrian Crisis Toward Civil War“: New York Times, By MARK LANDLER and NEIL MacFARQUHAR:June 12, 2012


Dafuq did i just read? Isn’t Russia on our side? Oh wait…we’ve seen this before:

According to the Moscow Centre for Strategy and Technology Analysis, the Iskander-M system was combat-tested in the 2008 South Ossetia war with Georgia and it proved highly effective in destroying military targets and infrastructure.[10] Quoting unconfirmed reports,[who?] Moscow Defense Brief says that it was an Iskander missile that inflicted a high precision strike on the Georgian Separate Tank Battalion base in Gori, destroying 28 tanks. Russian officials have admitted to using the Iskander missile against Georgia and official reports[who?] testify to the high effectiveness of the Iskander missiles, as one of the most devastating and accurate weapons in the Russian arsenal.[11] Georgian authorities later claimed that none of the targeted areas had any military installations or troops formations at the time of attacks; and the Iskander missiles were fired at civilian areas, including Baku-Supsa Oil Pipeline.[12]

Treaties are ink on a page. Russia will just do what it wants, as will China. They don’t care. North Korea is propped up by China because it ties up US forces in Asia. Russia wants to see the US hurt. Our allies bleeding and US forces humiliated. Korea, Vietnam, Israel, South America, Africa. Rifles, machine guns, tanks, ships, Migs and lots of Ak-47’s. There is a reason Hollywood loves to put them in the hands of their characters.

The left keeps talking about the UN and diplomacy. How conflict resolution and blah blah blah….

When it comes down to it, bad men will do bad things. The left that hates the military, can’t stand George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq will scream for troops on the ground. The UN? Useless.

The world is a dangerous place. We need real leadership in the State Department. Not liberals thinking that good intentions and “reset buttons” are the answers to everything.

America’s Army: We don’t need no stinkin’ draft

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The year was 2004. Talk all over the interwebs and on tv was that George W. Bush was going to start a draft. Democrats were doing poorly at the polls despite rallies and protests.

“Today, more than 30 years since the draft ended in 1973, there’s buzz of bringing it back. Besides the countless Internet rumors of an imminent draft, there are in fact two proposals in Congress that would reinstitute conscription.

But the bills — one by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., and another by Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, D-S.C. — are unlikely to go anywhere.”

Feeling a draft: Talk of conscription has young adults tuned in to politicsBy Natalie Miscolta-Cameron

John Kerry and John Edwards would lose to Bush and Cheney. John McCain and Sarah Palin would in turn lose to our current president. With a nation still at war in Afghanistan, the economy a mess, North Korea and Iran going nuclear, young people are still tuned out.
The left sold its current campaign as “not-Bush”. A Democrat in the White House would end the wars, bring money and troops home, the seas would recede, the Earth would heal etc. etc.

Now for some reason the left is shilling the idea that our nation and society is “out of touch” with the military and the current war in Afghanistan. For the past 10 years the left has lied and screamed at the military. From a war on military recruiters, angry protests and demands for troops to come home, to shitty Hollywood movies and shrill TV agitprop, the message is clear: the military is evil and soldiers are scum.

So it’s a shocking swerve that for some reason the left is all over the draft again.

. Over the past decade, this all-volunteer force has been put to the test and has succeeded, fighting two sustained foreign wars with troops standing up to multiple combat deployments and extreme stress.

This is precisely the reason it is time to get rid of the all-volunteer force. It has been too successful. Our relatively small and highly adept military has made it all too easy for our nation to go to war — and to ignore the consequences.

Toss out the all-volunteer military:By Thomas E. Ricks,

A call up by Selective Service would force Americans to question a war’s necessity and probably would have prevented the killings. Lawrence J. Korb, on the Bales killing spree in Afghanistan.

“Reinstating the draft would compel the American public to be part of the shared sacrifice and moral issues at Rep. Charles B. Rangel,

The left says we’re out of touch with the military. That somehow the military belongs to someone else.


Let’s look at the numbers shall we.
Via Wikipeida:

Component Military (total)
United States Army 561,979
Army National Guard 362,015
Army Reserve 205,281

Now let’s get to the cold war (circa 1989)

Last update by Mr. Johnson: 27 May 00, Last update by Pat Callahan: 6 April 10 (older PDF version at

Component Military (total)
Army (Active) 761,000
Army National Guard 454,000
Army Reserve 588,000

Holy bodycount Batman! The active Army was 1.35 times the size back when the Wall Came down. 1.25 for the National Guard and 2.86 times the size for the Reserve! If ever there was a need for a draft it was during the Cold War against those Dirty Commies. There were five Army divisions in Germany alone. The 8th Infantry, 2nd & 3rd Armored would cease to exist in 1992. There are now only two active brigades in Germany, with one being cut. Like when the Berlin Wall came down, the world is more peaceful now.

The US military has withdrawn from Iraq completely. And in 2014 most US troops will be out of Afghanistan as well.

With the talks of cutting why does the left want to go back to the draft? Some see draftees as “cheaper” than the volunteer force. No family programs, no MWR, no bonuses. The left and idiots on the right see them as:

Nowadays, everybody who’s nobody serves – a natural consequence of incentivizing service with signing bonuses, comped education, and plush pensions.
TAH to Mande Wilkes; thanks for being a dick (

Just pack’em, stack’em and rack’em, it’s how the left wants to fill the military. They long for the 1950’s, when young men got drafted out of high school like Elvis. Or were sent there by the courts(until the Supreme Court put a stop to that). Others see sacrifice or lack thereof. Like how the left was obsessed with George Bush’s daughters partying. As if he had some duty to send his daughters off to basic training.

Thomas Ricks, who I just quoted above, is a fellow at the Center for A New American Security. For wanting to abolish the service academies to trying to gut our retirement, these jack-wagons are all about the stupid. Sadly they now infest the Pentagon.

Would a draft make more American’s care about the military? No. The left shit on the GI as soon as Vietnam was over. LBJ (and JFK) sent the military on many adventures:

“In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson sent the 82nd Airborne into the Dominican Republic to prevent what he called a second Cuba. He told Sen. J.W. Fulbright (D-Ark.) that if he hadn’t had the deployment-ready military units, he would have had to rely on diplomacy to solve the problem.”

An all-volunteer military poses challenges for U.S.,Walter Pincus, WashingtonPost.Com

Oddly enough, I think Pincus was trying to advocate for a draft.

The reason the left wants to talk about putting young people in the military is that they have nothing to talk about. Not a damn thing. Green energy? NADA. Ending the war? We’re still fighting. The Economy and the “1%”? Not only is the economy in the toilet, but the very rich are doing even better after Bush.

“The left wants to conjure up the specter of conscription to equate Iraq with Vietnam. The issue has gained some traction because it is clear the U.S. Army is spread very thin by deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and needs to be rebuilt. But it does not follow a draft is necessary.

Draft duplicity: William Hawkins,

The last time the left thought a draft was a good idea this was the result:

Project 100,000 was initiated by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in October 1966 during American involvement in the Vietnam War and ended in December 1971.[2] Considered part of Johnson’s Great Society by giving training and opportunity to the uneducated and poor, the recruited men were classified as “New Standards Men”

Although entrance requirements were loosened, all the Project 100,000 men were sent through the normal training processes with other recruits, and performance standards were thus the same for everyone.[4]

The men recruited or drafted under this program did not receive the same training as other recruits and draftees after Basic Training was completed. Mr. McNamara and his “Whiz Kids” insisted that these men had to be put into virtually all fields, and this was a disaster.

Again with the wiz kids and the think tanks. I wonder if the grandkids of those “Whiz Kids” work for CNAS or other Foggy Bottom Good Idea Factories.

It’s about getting out the youth vote, not talking about the economy and that your wallet is a lot slimmer but your taxes are higher. It’s about a big lie. And speaking of lies, here’s Ricks again:

We had a draft in the 1960s, of course, and it did not stop President Lyndon Johnson from getting into a ground war in Vietnam. But the draft sure did encourage people to pay attention to the war and decide whether they were willing to support it.

Resuming conscription is the best way to reconnect the people with the armed services. Yes, reestablishing a draft, with all its Vietnam-era connotations, would cause problems for the military, but those could never be as painful and expensive as fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq for almost nine years. A draft would be good for our nation and ultimately for our military.

Yup, a draft for “the young”. We don’t need more drugged out, criminal, spoiled mama’s little special snowflakes. It failed under LBJ. We had a dip in recruting when the war kicked off so the DoD gave out waivers for felonies. And now the DoD has to kick out the druggies and criminals they made the mistake of letting in. We need motivated people, not Forest Gump. Those who want to make a difference are. A Private in the Army or Marines, a Seaman Recruit or Airman Basic would rate “master” or “expert” in the Vietnam-era. Those on the left say they want to make a difference, but they offer no help for vets. They love them the phoney “vets”, the “psycho” vets and those who say they hate the military, but no jobs or love for real vets. They hate the successful vets who return to their communities. They hate seeing Marxists getting blow’d up, seeing Commie countries being beaten on the battlefield. They want the 60’s back.

The all volunteer military is a success and we got this Mr. Ricks. We don’t need a draft.

(h/t:, “

The Theory and Practice of California’s Oligarchical Collectivism

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The historical review describes how, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mechanised industrial production raised “the living standards of the average human being very greatly”, and that it became “clear to all thinking people that the need for human drudgery, and therefore to a great extent for human inequality, had disappeared . . . hunger, overwork, dirt, illiteracy and disease could be eliminated within a few generations” — a threat to the Party’s perpetuity, because, “. . . if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would learn to think for themselves”, become politically conscious and so depose the ruling oligarchy; therefore, “. . . in the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance”. Given that large-scale, mechanised production could not be eliminated once invented, the Party arranges the destruction of surplus goods — before that makes “the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent”. Hence the perpetual war
— Wikipedia: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the fictional book that underpins Orwell’s 1984

“And things will only get worse in the coming years as Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and his green cadre implement their “smart growth” plans to cram the proletariat into high-density housing. “What I find reprehensible beyond belief is that the people pushing [high-density housing] themselves live in single-family homes and often drive very fancy cars, but want everyone else to live like my grandmother did in Brownsville in Brooklyn in the 1920s,” Mr. Kotkin declares.”

Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus,, via Instapundit.

But that’s just not realistic. If we did things purely by “organic” means and rejected synthetic methods, we could only support a world population of about 4 billion people. And if you think needing an additional 1.5 million cows to replace “pink slime” sounds like a lot, we’d require 1 billion more livestock for just the U.S. to replace synthetic nitrogen (plus 2 billion acres to plant feed crops for these animals).

A red light on green food rhetoric, By Rick Berman (DailyCaller.Com)

I’ve always suspected that “Green Jobs” or anything “green” was a ploy to drag our economy down. Rush Limbaugh famously observed that many dirty commies became environmentalists after the Cold War ended. For the left, the USA was their last hope. Can’t take over with a coup, but they can vote their wacky policies in.

The government can’t pick winners in industry. Free markets mean growth and freedom. Yet we have a party that feels Americans are “soft”, need more “regulation” and this party has big donors who view Americans as stupid. Oh and a paranoid racist maxist was the White House’s “czar” for green jobs.

Cali has a problem with high speed rail. Californians want to drive their cars. They want to fly. They don’t want to pay for a train to nowhere. During the 70’s and 80’s the American public was told that solar power et al. was the future. Oil would be expensive the greens said. Oil would run out. War in the Middle East. Then it was the Green House Effect. Now Climate Change and saving the Planet. Billions wasted for bullshit. Trillions more if the UN has it’s way.

In 1984, Orwell had a crapsack world where the people were kept down by a police state and government repression AND a perpetual “war”. This war had no possible end. At one point a huge floating fortress is constructed just to soak up manpower and steel. The shortages from this war kept everyone under the thumb of “Big Brother”. The ruling Party lived better off as they controlled the access to resources. Orwell guessed right about Marxism. In the USSR, the Communists had hand built limos and access to better medical care while the average Soviet had lines and shortages (and shitty medical care).
Remember folks, the left (celebs, politicians, activists, journalists) are like you and me only better! They’ll be able to afford houses, cars and other nice things. They can get guns and travel by air without being strip searched by MiniLuv the TSA.

This just goes to show that the left is good at fighting, not good at running things. They need a “forever” war. The oikophobia led to an embrace of Communism (as it was murdering millions), appeasement of radical Islam (ditto) and green wackos (give’em time). They want us to believe that Mother Earth[tm] is in GRAVE DANGER!

The title refers to both 1984 and the sad, sad state California is in. Cali was once the “Golden State”. From the Gold Rush of the 19th Century to the era of Silicon Valley in the late 20th, it was opportunity. Then left of course smelled money. From hippies, to cults, to political radical to nude encounter groups, everything weird and leftist flocked to Cali. The “Blue State” (high taxes and lots of redtape) model was born there . And there was born the lie that our would be Commie overlords want to help us.

Bullshit. They just want us to be proles and go back to the USSR.

I give you Hans Rosling as the antidote to the Green & Blue lies, there is hope for the future: