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Posted in rankers with tags on 28, June 2008 by chockblock

This was a problem eight years ago, it seems that young people are too busy making money on the ‘net. They would rather work for Micro$oft or Google than work for Uncle Sam.
“Pentagon battles a brain drain” according to the New York Times. The article states that “At MIT, a 2007 survey showed that 28.7 percent of undergraduates were headed for work in finance, 13.7 in management consulting and just 7.5 percent in aerospace and defense. The top 10 employers included McKinsey, Google, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Bain, JP Morgan and Oracle, but not a single military contractor or government office.”

What a shame. Talking heads decry discrimination in the workforce, epically the science and engineering fields. Too male, too while, the “old boy network” etc. Now is time time for government and industry to recruit women and minorities to replace their aging work force. I remember talking to a young black man, all of 21 years old, who had an Electrical Eng. degree. I told him that I would be working hard to get maybe 28k a year but he had it made. All he had to do was apply to any defense contractor because they were hungry for people since the dot.coms were still poaching their recruits. This was in 2000. I don’t know what ever happned to him, I hope he chose to work for Uncle Sam, if only for a little while. Their is potential for great strides to be made for equlity in the workforce. Young people of all races and genders have a great future ahead of them if they would but claim it.

I’m not holding my breath.. alas…