Air Defense History: The MIM-23 HAWK missile

The Raytheon MIM-23 HAWK is an American medium range surface-to-air missile. As a backronym, some consider HAWK to stand for Homing All the Way Killer. The HAWK was initially designed to destroy aircraft and was later adapted to destroy other missiles in flight. The missile entered service in 1960, and a program of extensive upgrades has kept it from becoming obsolete. It was superseded by the MIM-104 Patriot in United States Army service by 1994. It was finally phased out of US service in 2002, the last users, the US Marine Corps replacing it with the man-portable ir-guided visual range FIM-92 Stinger. The missile was also produced outside the US in Western Europe and Japan.

MIM-23 Hawk, Wikipeida

Hawk Missiles on an M113 chassis

Hawk Missiles on an M113 chassis

Forgotten by the general public, Hawk was one of two missile systems the US Army had in Europe to stop the Soviet Air Force. Semi-Active radar homing would guide the missile to it target. The missile received signals from a ground based fire-control radar and used that to hit the target. Development started in 1952, by 1959 the Army had it’s first units, the Marines in 1960.

Of course the system used vacuum tubes back then. The first upgrades gave it solid-state technology. The mean-time between failure rates went from 43 hours in the 50’s, to over 300 at the turn of the century. Many other improvements happened.

US Army diagram of the HAWK system in action

US Army diagram of the HAWK system in action

The MIM-23A had a basic warhead of 54 kilograms, and over 4,000 eight gram frags. It was a giant shotgun shell against jets and helicopters. The MIM-23B I-HAWK (Improved HAWK) had a 74 kg warhead and 14,000 frags. A new motor improved performance. By 1971 all HAWKS were I-HAWKS. That’s all well and good, but that warhead is nothing if the missile can’t see it’s target.

Firing a HAWK missile.

Firing a HAWK missile.

Electronic warfare bloomed at vacuum tubes gave way to solid state. The USSR had experience jamming western propaganda broadcasts during the 50’s and 60’s. The war in Vietnam and the Arab-Israeli wars honed their expertise. As a result MIM-23 models C-M were developed all the way until 1997. There is speculation that home-on-jam was added to the D-models (the missiles would home in on a jamming aircraft, killing it). The K-M models had a bigger warhead with 30 gram frags.

The radars got upgrades to:

PAR radar

PAR radar

Early high power illuminator/tracker radar

Early high power illuminator/tracker radar

The original HAWK system used 4 radars: to detect (PAR and CWAR), to track (CWAR and HPIR) and to engage (HPIR and ROR) targets. As the system was upgraded the functionality of some of the radars was merged. The final iteration of the system consists of only 2 radars, an enhanced phased array search radar and an engagement radar (HPIR).

The Army’s goal was to reduce the maintenance of the system. Having 4 radars means that you have four times the things that can go wrong in the field. As the system improved, the radars got better. The last radars were the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel and a high power illuminator.

AN-MPQ-64 Sentinel Radar

AN-MPQ-64 Sentinel Radar

High power illuminator/tracker radar

High power illuminator/tracker radar

HAWK fought several battles in the Cold War. It was in Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis, with 304 missiles defending American Soil. The Arab-Israeli was saw:
an Israeli MIM-23A shot down a damaged Israeli Dassault MD.450 that was in danger of crashing into the Negev Nuclear Research Center near Dimona, the first combat firing of the HAWK, and it’s first kill. During the 1969 War of Attrition, HAWK batteries had shot down between 8 and 12 Arab aircraft . During the 1973 Yom Kippur war, 75 Israeli missiles wdowned between 12 and 24 aircraft. Kuwait shot down one Iranian F-5 during the Iran-Iraq war. The French army in Chad shot down a Libyan Tu-22B in 1987. During Desert Storm, US Army and Marine HAWK units defended Saudi Arabia. White Stands Missile range tested an anti-Scud variant of the missile as the 1990’s came to a close.

HAWK Versus LANCE Impact

HAWK Versus LANCE Impact

All in all HAWK was used by the following: Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain,
Sweden, Republic of China (Taiwan), Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Training for the missile was done at Fort Bliss. Like Nike, many soldiers from other nations would come to Fort Bliss to train on HAWK. The German Air Force even had a school at Bliss to train their officers.

The system has been phased out of U.S. service for some time. Most NATO countries don’t have it anymore, but countries like Japan, UAE and Israel still use it. Today the Army uses the Avenger system.



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  2. Jerrold Hudson Says:

    I beleive your reference of White Stands Missile Range should be White Sands Missile Range.

  3. SGT Ronald Mercer Says:


  4. SGT Ronald Mercer Says:


    • Norman Cowley Says:

      I also was trained at Redstone but in 1968. Then also went to Aschaffenburg. Jaeger Ksn. 6th Btn, 62nd Aty. Norman Cowley

    • Paul Martin from Alabama Says:

      I was in a CW radar class spring of 67 54 weeks.
      are you aware of a reunion scheduled at Red Stone in 2017?

  5. Sgt. G. A. Kaisert Says:

    I received my HAWK Training as a 16D at Fort Bliss in 1973. Assigned to Alpha Battery, First Battalion, First Aid Defense Artillery, 10 Group, 32nd AADCOM, stationed in Bad Kissingen, West Germany from Apr. 1973 to Oct. 1977. Member of highest scoring team in NATO Evaluation on Crete, 1975

  6. Jim Stutts Says:

    I received my HAWK training at Fort Bliss in 1992. Went to Yuma AZ for three years. Yuma gets a bad rap. Summers were hot but the rest of the year was awesome! I love the desert, though running and humping in sand can get on your nerves. Left in 1996 for security forces training and they eventually did away with HAWK in the Marines from what I understand. A shame considering all the successful TBM shoots we did just prior to me leaving. I’ll always miss it and my brothers!

  7. I received my IHAWK traing at Redstone Arsenal in 1977 and 1978. I was with 30th Ord (Korea), 13th Ord (Bliss), 2/57 (Germany), 1/1 (Germany) and 166th Ord (Hood). I stayed in HAWK until 1994, when they moved everything to the ARNG.

    We always said that HAWK stood for Holiday And Weekend Killer.

  8. John Mayfield Says:

    Do you know what two batteries of the 2d/1st ADA at Fort Bliss were the last battiers to have HAWK missiles in 1994?

  9. Don Smith Says:

    I originally went through HAWK school at Redstone in 67/68 as a 23T20 CW Radar repair. In 72, while a Basic HAWK instructor, I was in the first class of Basic Hawk Ordnance types to transition to to Improved HAWK. Shortly after graduation, I PCSed to a DSP in Wurzburg. Left the Army in 76 while an instructor in basic electronics (computer team) at Redstone.

    joe is right, HAWK killed more holidays and weekends than I care to remember,

    • Don,
      I was a 23q20 at the Wurzburg DSP in ’69 to ’71. I have been back to Wurzburg twice, ’85 & ’06. I was sad to see the old DSP building was leveled on my last visit. Also, most of Hindenberg Kassern was gone, too. By any chance do you have any photos that you took there back in the early ’70’s? I also don’t have many photos of Tin City at Restone. I understand that’s all gone, too. My wife still still keeps in touch w/ a German National she met back then when we lived in Rottendorf, behind the Gasthaus Kirschbaum.

      • I was never in Germany, I’m Patriot myself. HAWK and NIKE are forever a part of Fort Bliss.

      • Bob,
        I arrived at the DSP in Jan ’73. Left in ’76 headed back to Redstone for the final time. I’ll have to look around to see if we have any pictures from that time of the DSP. I know we have of the housing area at Leighton Barracks and on ski trips we took to Garmisch (every chance we got). I’ll see what I can find.

        @choclblock – “HAWK and NIKE are forever a part of Fort Bliss.” Yeah if you were a “site flog” 🙂

      • H. W. Bill Sparks Says:

        I was a 23T at the DSP in Wuerzburg from 67-70

    • Randy Hill Says:

      Don, I belive we went thru 23T20 school together. The last time we spoke I lived in Las Vegas. I now live in Missouri.. It’s time to re connect!
      Randy Hill

      • Paul Martin from Alabama Says:

        We would have been in the same 23t class at red stone. Spring 67 -68?

      • Randy Hill Says:

        Paul, There was an incident when we were working on the high-power illuminator radar. ( the classroom with the big roll up doors where we would run the radar units up to full radiant out into a field with red lights around the perimeter) Somehow my radar unit was turned onto full radiate . when the instructors saw this I ran to my radar and turned it off. They removed our tags and sent us home for the day the next day they gave us new tags I believe they were dulcimer tags. After graduation I was sent to Fort Bliss but never saw your radar unit again. As far as I know only one classmate worked on radar unit his name was Don Smith and I think he still lives in Huntsville Alabama. Do you remember this incident? I have a lot of medical issues and am rated 100% disabled by the VA. The VA will not accept my word on the incident unless I have two wittiness. I had doctors from UCLA that wanted to study me but the VA doctors told me I couldn’t?
        I have a terrible cold right now so I hope this makes sense. I talked to Don Smith approx 18 years ago and he said he could not remember it happening.
        Let me know if you remember anything.
        Randy Hill

      • Paul Martin Says:

        Randy I do r ember some of that story. Also one night same spot. An amount humper was drunk and left the NCO CLUB and we saw him in the red lights. Shut down everything and ambulances came.

    • Paul Martin from Alabama Says:

      Don I was at Redstone in school 23T CW radar repair. Class started early 1967. MOS was over crowded at graduation 54 weeks and I worked at the School . Until a TOP Sargent put my name under Missile repair MOS for a promotion. I was quickly sent to Camp Page Korea. LOL Got out in 69. But there is a HAWK reunion scheduled for 2017 at Red Stone…

    • Randy Hill Says:

      Don, Do you remember me? Randy Hill. After graduating as a 23T20 I was assigned to Ft Bliss and retrained as a supply spec. I think you were the only one in our class to see a radar unit after graduation.

  10. Patriot and THAAD continue the tradition gentlemen. I’ve been at TABLE VIII certifications on more weekends than I care to count. I had to miss several holidays and two birthdays due to training. At least we can use our cell phones after dinner chow.

  11. Mike Ferguson Says:

    Started Hawk Pulse Radar School at Fort Bliss in December 1967 and graduated in September 1968 (started as a 23P which was changed to 24F before graduation). Was somehow lucky enough to be assigned to the Redstone Arsenal School Command as an instructor and in November 1969 received orders for Germany. Arrived in Germany on January 1, 1970 and was assigned to B/6/52 in Kitzingen. Finished my Army time in September 1970.

  12. Mike okeeffe Says:

    I returned to Wurzburg last year after 40 hrs. I was in HOS 5 in 1961 atEmery kaserne, which is now a DP camp for illegal immigrants. The old A btry site is a sports airfield , with no traces of us. LT Mike O’Keeffe

    • Ken Braget Says:

      I was at Camp Pieri, 515th Ord GS from 61-63 CW and Instrument calibration. Were you there?

    • I was in Wertheim in 61-63 and visited the old TAC site last July. I had so much fun meeting new people I am going back this year for a longer stay. I presume you were with Hq Btry with the 6th 52nd 32 Brig.

  13. Joseph P. Phoebus, Jr. Says:

    I was trained @ Fort Bliss operation & intelligence I believe 15H or 16H. Arrived 1/1965 Ansbach. Ger. 4/57th, reported for duty Katterbach, Ger. BOC. I was trained by E-7 Sgt Brignal. I returned to the states in 1/67. I have picture of the people I served with, and would to put them on a site for 4/57th. I find very little info & would see if there’s a responce.

    • Don Smith Says:

      Air Defense Intelligence and Operations Sgt. was 15H40. Was my secondary MOS when i took the test with no school or experience and screwed up and passed 🙂 I filled an Intelligence and Ops slot at TUSALOG ( 3rd Army Support and Logistics Group ) at Homestead AFB so some bright personnel flog decided I should have a 15H MOS. Never served in a slot though, thank God.

    • nelson (barney) bliss Says:

      i was station to this unit in 1964=66. would like to see phots,etc.

      • Randolph Smith Says:

        I wouldlove to see picsof all the old HAWK sites from Germany (including all the batteries) from 1/1, 2/2, 2/62 3/59. 3/60, 2/57, 6/52 and more of 3/7 I was at A Btry 3/7 ADA from late March 1982 to late May 1984

  14. josef Wiesner Says:

    Hi All, does any one knows wher I can get the maintenance manuall of the PAR of the Basic Hawk System ?

    • Hi,
      I belong to an association that deals with injuries caused by HF radiation and by X-Ray radiation of military radar systems. Manny of our fellow veterans got cancer or even died due to the work on such military radar systems.
      Does anyone of you know of any cases in the US that companies who build this equipment got sued?
      I would appreciate any information.
      Thank you

      • Randy Hill Says:

        I was trained as a 23T20 at Redstone Arsenel 67-68. There was an incident when we were working on the high-power illuminator radar. ( the classroom with the big roll up doors where we would run the radar units up to full radiant out into a field with red lights around the perimeter) Somehow my radar unit was turned onto full radiate . when the instructors saw this I ran to my radar and turned it off. They removed our tags and sent us home for the day the next day they gave us new tags I believe they were dulcimer tags. After graduation I was sent to Fort Bliss but never saw your radar unit again. As far as I know only one classmate worked on radar unit his name was Don Smith and I think he still lives in Huntsville Alabama. Do you remember this incident? I have a lot of medical issues and am rated 100% disabled by the VA. The VA will not accept my word on the incident unless I have two wittiness. I had doctors from UCLA that wanted to study me but the VA doctors told me I couldn’t?
        I have a terrible cold right now so I hope this makes sense. I talked to Don Smith approx 18 years ago and he said he could not remember it happening.
        Let me know if you remember anything.
        Randy Hill

  15. I was trianed at Ft. Bliss as a 24B HIPIR in the tear 1973 Then was staitoned to Korea A Btry 1st Batt. 44th ADA until 1974, then Key West, Then back to Ft. Bliss as school support until 1978. I was able to work on IHAWK as well but recieved no training. Mike

    • Johnny Brown Says:

      I was at Bliss as school support as well mos was 24C from 1878 to 1980.
      I am tring to find more ino fromantic backnowledge then…..

    • Jerry Dukes Says:

      Mike, I too was a 24B. Trained at Bliss in 1969. Served in Germany ’72 – ’73, Ansbach, A Batt- 4th BN-57 ADA. Left Germany and went to Homestead AFB. Served in A Batt, HHQ Batt, and C Batt, 3rd Bn, 68 ADA. Left AD, joined the Reserves, went back to school at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and became a Biomedical Maintenance Tech. Finally retired in 1992.

  16. Marc Melendez Says:

    Pictures of the soldiers of b btry 2bn 2ada bgde on facebook-bravo 2/2

    • Randolph Smith Says:

      Hey dude, were you at B Btry 2/2 when it was IHAWK in Germany, I knew a few guys who were stationed there?

      • Earl Ennis Says:

        I was assigned to B 2/2 in bad Hersfeld, 1982-1983 I worked in the motor pool.

      • I was at A Btry 3/7 ADA in Schweinfurt as a 16E from April 1982 to late May of 1984, I PCS,d from B Btry 2/55 at Ft Bliss I knew a SGT Adkins a 16E who came to A Btry in early JAN of 1984 from Ft Lewis, he was at B 2/2 in Bad Hersfeld prior to going to Ft Lewis, I saw an old google earth [hoto of B 2/2 site, man it looks like it was way up there on a hill A 3/7 TACsite was right on the Kaserne you could actually walk to it

      • Albert L Wallace Says:

        what battery were you in i was in A-3/60 16/d 20 from 1971-1973

      • earl jaynes Says:

        I was motor Sgt. 1968 jaynes

  17. I went thru Basic & AIT in June 1980 thru E-3-1 at Ft Bliss, Tx I was originally a 24E but dropped the course in late 1980 and went to B Btry 2/55 ADA in JAN 1981 as a 16E, then PCS,d in March 1982 to A Btry 3/7 ADA in Germany where I stayed until late May 1984,upon ETS. I later re-enterd active duty as a grunt in JAN 1986 to DEC1988 but my favorite time was HAWK

    • I trained at Ft. Bliss on the hill for Basic and AIT. Then ended up at B 2/55 ADA for my first unit from there went to HHB 1st Training Battalion on the hill at Operation Santa Claus and then onto C 3/7 ADA after 2/55 was deactivated. 3/7 was deactivated while I was in Bamberg, Germany (we were the only ADA unit at Warner Kassern in Bamberg.) After 3/7 was deactivated we were attached to 3/60 ADA and were designated Delta Battery 3/60 ADA until our unit was permanently deactivated. Ended up doing reserve time in US and got to spend some time in the armpit known as Panama and some other Central American countries during our shootout with them. Best times were definitely in Germany.

      • I can relate to Panama, after I ETS,d in late May of 1984, I re-joined the Army in January of 1986 as an 11B, I went to Ft. Benning, GA for Infantry training then Jump school, I went to Ft. Bragg N.C for a while after finishing , but I ended my Jump status at Ft. Bragg and go sent to 25th I.D Schofield Barracks, HI (I hated it) I did deploy to other countries such as Australia, Panama, Korea and also Alasla for training, I can tell you this, I would have rather been stationed in Wildflecken, Germany any day of the week & twice on Sunday over Hawaii

      • Funny how you run into people when you are stationed all over the place. At Ft. Bliss I ran into a guy I played football with in High School. He was waiting to go to WO school so he could enter the Apache program. One of our other friends was also in his unit and he had already left of Warrant officer’s school. One of the 16E NCO’s in Ft. Bliss in my platoon was a guy I had played football against in high school. My brother was in the navy and he was on shore leave in Japan and just walking down the street in Japan he ran into a guy I graduated with. When I was in Panama I ran into a guy I was in Ft. Bliss with and he ended up having an accident but it was some minor stuff and got sent home for recovery and he ended up living about 20 miles from me now. You really can make some life long friends in the service.

      • RRSmith Says:

        Hey Chris, you must have come to 2/55 sometime after I had left B 2/55 to go to Germany, I was originally a 24E but dropped the course in mid NOV of 1980, I was sent to B Btry 2/55 as a 16E in January of 1981, CPT Romancik was the Btry cdr & we had 1SG Wheatley, he was allright, CPT Mangianello took over as BCin May of that year and 2 months after 2/55 recieved a pain in the ass BN cdr LTC Irvin S. Butler, not too many days go by when I don,t reminisce about the days of Germany, even to this very day paisan

  18. 1SG (ret) Jose A. Garcia Says:

    I trained with A-6-61 @ bliss in 1961 just out inantry AIT. The entire BN deployed to Freising Ger on the USS Geiger. We setup at a place called site 31. I left A Btry in 1964. Any one out there still above dirt? I would like to hear from anyone of that time 1961-64. After 21 yrs I retired at Bliss.
    I still visit the tng areas were we trained as a unit on Bliss, Mcgregor, Oro grande. The barracks that I called home still standing…course now they look like hotels with sat dishes all over (LOL)
    Jose A. garcia

    • Randolph Smith Says:

      Awesome, kind of wished I lived in El Paso, I always thought McGregor Range was neat, there,s not too many days when I don,t think of the days of IHAWK whether I was stationed at Ft. Bliss or Germany, to be honest top, the 2nd time I was in from JAN 1986 to DEC 1988 as an 11B, I was after the High speed low drag training at Ft Benning but ende my jump status and got sent to 25th I.D Schofield Brks HI. Top I tell you this in all sincerity I would have rather been stationed in Wildflecken, Germany rather than Hawaii any day of the week & twice on Sunday

    • Looking for Bliss trained Battery C 6th Missle BN 62 Arty who served with William (Billy) Aynes in Bliss the Germany until 1965

    • Ken Braget Says:

      I was at Camp Pieri 61-63 cw repair.

  19. Thanks for the comments guys, those of us in Patriot land are keeping up the tradition. Sadly SHORAD is fading away. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Says:

    I was on a IHAWK site (A 2/2) on the Hohe Warte near Geissen from June 76 til COctober 78. My MOS was 24C20 (HAWK Firing Section Mechanic ). I mostly worked on the IHIPIR and Launchers. Really miss those days

  21. 1SG (Ret) Garcia Says:

    Japan still conduct HAWK ASP @ Mcgregor. The US army has contractors to support it.

  22. Allen Ingram Says:

    I recieved my training at, Ft Bliss, El Paso Tx. Served in A 1/1 Bad Kissegen Germany. Many great memeories there. I am saddened by the demelation of Dailey Barracks. Was my home for many years. 1978 to 1982

    • Randolph Smith Says:

      I hear you buddy, I was A Btry 3/7 ADA from late March 1982 to late May 1984. I understand Conn & Ledward Barracks will be closed in 2015, depressing.

  23. 1SG (Ret) Garcia Says:

    what happened to 6-61 after germany I lost track. I was the best MLS loader operator in 6-61…(LOL) we wore the 7 army Pacth then. I also served in nam w/ 6-56 (Hawk) 1965, before the Army find out I have an infantry SMOS and send me to 1Cav div.
    GOD bless all ADA specially the Hawkers.
    61 Motto.

    ” “Non Est Ad Astra Mollis E Terris Via” (The Way To the Stars Is
    Not Easy)

  24. I was stationed in Wildflecken 1977-1980 as a radar repair tech 24K. I/1 ADA DSP. I could write a book about all the good and BAD times I had there. The Rod & Gun Club, the Monastery, eating pizza from the little town, partying at the clubs, curfew. Mogas.
    Headstart. Riding trains. So much Snow and unbearable cold.
    Living in Bldg 151 was like an animal house. Learned terms like
    FTA, short timer, The World, Reforger, Alerts, Deuce & a half, Octoberfest ect …
    If you were there you know, and there’s so much more. I arrived
    as a young naive boy, and left changed forever. I think I still have PTSD. Lol. But looking back, Germany was beautiful. I would love to go back someday. If anybody remembers me – give me a shout out!!!

    • I don,t remember, I was a 16E A Btry 3/7 ADA in Schweinfurt from late March of 1982 to late May of 1984, I,ve been to Wildflecken training area and have seen B 1/1 TAC site, I was the same way I left Germany with a different outlook on things but I did enjoy myself very much while I was there, I came back into the Army in JAN of 1986 as an 11B (Airborne) After Ft. Benning I was @ Ft Bragg, I ended my jump status anf got sent to 25th I.D atSchofield Barracks, HI(I hated it) I would have rather been stationed in Wildflecken, Germany than Hawaii any day of the week & twice on Sunday

  25. i trained on the system at bliss in the spring of 83…i loved it….

  26. If anybody was on the hill in 83 at james hoyt…private hurt hoyt…i was platoon guide for charley battery ssgt simmons and becknell…anybody know me or remember this time contact me at

  27. Sgt Rod ( Juan V. Rodriguez Says:

    Joined the service sep 11 1979 at Puerto Rico. Received training as 16 D hawk msle crew member. Got holdover for not speaking english had to learn english first before becoming a 16D. It was really hard for me and my puertorrican friends but we made it. My first station Ft bragg 3/68 ada b btry where i spend 2 years with the rapid deployment force 18 airborne corps. Sent to Germany dec1981 to cbtry 2/62 went to fire twice to namfi crete one time as a crewmember the second as a crew chief. My next station Ft Lewis wa. B btry 1/4, was chosen to conduct live fire exercise at chulmae range korea then the next year live fire at ft Bliss. After that hawk was phased out the army. There were no positions for me in ADA.Was sent to recruiting school but i did not liked and got out in nov 1987 I will always feel proud to served as a hawk missile crew member.hope you understand my english writing. Miss ADA.

    • Sgt. Rodriguez,

      I am from Puerto Rico and I was stationed in C/2/62 ADA in Hisel Germany from 73-75. I just went back there on vacation and took a lot of photos of the barracks area and the tac site – no longer active and run by a German solar device company. Get in touch if you would like to see some of the pics.

      • Mark Workman Says:

        Hi I too was stationed in Hisel fro,m 6/76 to 2/79

      • Mark Piltz Says:

        I remember you Mark Workman.

      • Mark Piltz Says:

        Only person I have heard from is Earl Monday

      • Gray Heustess Says:

        Hey Piltz, I remember racing you in your Trans Am on the road to Oberweise in my Z28. Monday and Workman were both friends. I have talked to Hicks, Stephenson and Redmond but never heard anything of Bolin.

      • Mark Piltz Says:

        You what’s up Gray? I have Monday on facebook

  28. denny hubbard Says:

    took my training at fort bliss in 1968 surved in germany 69 70 3rd and 7th switchfrrt e 5

    • Jose A. Garcia Says:

      DO I know you from Bliss ADA training Bde AIT Instructor? I trained as HAWK package @ Bliss 1961 after Inf AIT, with A-6-61. Bn deployed to Germany late 1961. Hawk site 31. Left Germany 1964. Went to Panama D-4-517 ADA. Nam 1965-66 with 6/56 after 5 months I volunteer for the 1 Cav Div (Airmobile) (An Khe) as 11B, got my CIB and went back to ADA . Bliss ADA Bde Instructor. Nam 1968-69 with A-1-44 Dusters attached to 3Mar Div (Dong Ha) After Hawk I trained with DUSTE/QUAD .50s, C/V, Redeye, Stinger, Hercules, and Patriot. Retired 1982 @ Bliss. After that, I worked as Army civilian Weapons training Spec from 1984-2010.
      I will l would like to hear from any ADA Vet.
      GOD Bless our military and GOD bless America.

  29. Does anyone remember the names of the AIT instructors in Fort Bliss, Texas? I was there right after basic i n February of 1984. There were three of them..???

  30. Bob Trout Says:

    I took 16D training at Fort Bliss in 1975. First duty station was B 2/55. Reenlisted for Korea and was in C 1/44 from 1977 – 1979. I was in B 1/1 Wildflecken Ger. from 80 – 83. Last duty assignment was Fort Lewis, WA. Retired in 1994 as a 16D. Life as a Hawker was a great adventure, one that I look back on fondly.

  31. Jerry Dkes Says:

    Reading all of these makes me proud to have served 7 years as a 24B30, CW Radar Maintenance. I went through school in ’69 at Bliss, overseas to Germany, A-4-57 in Ansbach. Left Ansbach for Homestead AFB and was stationed in A, HHB, and C-3-68 from Feb’73 to Dec’76. I remember lots of cold nights on the hill when we were in State 1, and one of the HIPIRs would go down. Seems like they only broke at night. I do remember fondly living on the economy, had some great landlords. Good times, Good food, Good Friends and Good memories.

    • D. Brian Gellatly SP/5 Says:

      I was next door a hq 4/57 direct support platoon. 23 s/23q. 1968 to 69. was at Bliss previously and trained at Redstone 66-67.
      Rented a converted garage behind a bakery half way down the hill to town. Served with some great guys. Got some of them in trouble for hosting a Xmas party at the house..

      • Jerry Dkes Says:

        I can’t believe how much time has passed from those days in Ansbach. It is a shame we Service techs did not mix with you DSP Personnel more. Our buildings were next door to each other on Barton Baracks. I miss all of the fun and the stupid stuff we did as young soldiers. I lived North of Barton in that little village with the Gasthaus/Bakery in it. Wonderful German Family.

    • joseph trenary Says:

      I was in a btry 4th and 57 from 67 to 70. Did you know first top Cook

      • Jerry Dukes Says:

        Joseph, He was 1st SGT when I first arrived. After he left, my Platoon Sgt was the Temp 1st. I am starting to forget names and I cannot remember his name. Do you remember Glen Tilley? He was a 24B in my section when I first arrived.

      • Jerry Dukes Says:

        SSG Anthony “Tony” Manzilla was the CW Section, Tony Starke was there, Glenn Tilley, and Philip Yelton were all in the CW Section when I arrived in January 1970.

  32. Jose B Reyes Says:

    I was trained at Ft. Bliss as a 16E Mar71 and was assigned to HHB 6/65th ADA. We were an element for the unit that was stationed at Keywest, Fl. I was transferred to S.Korea and assigned to B 2/71 ADA, from Oct 71- Nov 72. Great times in S. Korea. On my return to the states I was fortunate to get reassigned to Ft. Bliss, A 2/55. We were Honor Battery in 1973 after the ASP. I left active duty Dec 1974. HAWK time was a great!!!

  33. after hawk package training w/ A-6-61@ bliss went to Freising Germany. Hawk site 31. from 1961-1964. I worked @ the Missile assembly section. My section chief was SFC Adamson, an 2nd Ranger Bn survivor from WW2. I cant find anyone from that unit anymore.

    • George J Gennari Says:

      I trained at Ft. Dix in 1/5/65 then to Ft. Bliss in March and started HAWK Missile & Launcher training upon completion stayed as an Instructor on M&L. Spent entire time with NATO Troops. Was Assigned to the 6th/56th in Nov 64. Was sent back to AD School as my ETS was 1/5/65. Loved every day as a HAWKER. (SP-5)

  34. Began Basic in Bliss in June of 1980. Was a 24C in Hohenfels Germany from 81-83 in 2/57. Finished out in 1/4 at Ft. Lewis from 83-84. 1/4 ADA is still active as some kind of ICBM intercept outfit. The old barracks at Tac site still survive in Hohenfels, but the Logan Heights traning facility at Ft. Bliss is now a housing development. The temporary WW2 barracks at North Ft. Lewis that housed the old Hawk folks are gone as well. — Life is better now that I don’t have to crawl in sand pits or get up in the middle of the night to work on a frozen launcher or HI-Power.

    • Callahan,
      I was a 24B in Alpha Battery, 4/57,2/57 in Ansbach from Jan70-Dec-73. Been to Hohenfels several times on Parts Run. I remember those frozen nights on the HiPIR. Usually couldn’t get it to go into Radiate from Standby

      • albert l wallace Says:

        A/battery 3-60 Graf. 16d20 1971- 1973 crewcheif self propelled many a cold night on that tact site

      • Ted Burns Says:

        I was one of the first MP’s assigned to A 2/57 in 74. Well I was actually assigned to A Co 793rd MP Bn in Fuerth then attached to Ansbach ASA who attached me to 501st MP’s how loned me to 32nd ADA. Bad news no one wanted us when we needed support but everyone wanted us to pull duty for them. I did enjoy my time there, but I always loved Germany. Since I was born in Fuerth, my dad severed 38 years 19 of those in Germany. So when I got assigned to Germany I was actually going home. I had more relatives there than in the USA. I got married to. German girl and got out there. Went to work for a German company Dynamit Noble for 21 years before returning to San Diego.

  35. albert l wallace aka the Governor Says:

    i ojt in A-3/60 a 16d10 and never looked backed

    • Jerry Dkes Says:

      Those of us who knew and loved the HAWK System knew that the letters stood for Holiday And Weekend Killer, for all of the times we got the call to report to the TAC Site on Friday evening. Our wives knew it well to.

      • Albert L Wallace Says:

        where were you stationed and what years i was in Graf, Germany 1971-1973

      • Norma Cabello Says:

        I was in Schweinfurt from 1989 to 1991

      • Dee Evans Says:

        You are right, the mission killed many holidays and weekends; however, once we got the system up to fire a missile, the mission became the joy. My greatest time as a 16E was saying “Bravo HIPIR lock, request to fire” because we knew if it flys with a bad code…it dies.

  36. Norma Cabello Says:

    I was a 16E, AIT in Ft Bliss TX in 1989. …Sent overseas to GERMANY, D battery 3/52 ADA at Ledward Barracks. Our unit was deactivated around late 1991. Anyone familiar with that unit?

  37. Crewman Shuman Says:

    D 2/62 and D 1/1 ADA 85-88 and B 2/174 ADA 1990-1995. HAWK was an awesome system when it worked…

  38. James Haltom Says:

    I was a 25J back in the day. Basic in 76 at Bliss and first Germany tour 77. Assigned to BOC, located at A Battery, 2/62. Loved it on the hill in the inner compound. HQ was at Spang so we were out of sight unless there was an alert or scheduled FTX. Low key and no flagpole to dance around. Returned to Bliss in 79 and ended up in the hospital. I meet the guys repairing medical equipment and thought, Heated, Air Conditioned, Day Shift. Relisted for 35G at the time and spent a total of 22 years in. My first trip back to Bliss in 30 years was to White Sands in 2011 for the Bataan Death March. Gone was Logan Heights, my old barracks, and about 85% of the post I knew. I remember: Chris Duer, Bob Dague, John Horan, Albert Hood, Steve Becker to name a few. You’ll always remember more people from your first tour than any other assignment.

  39. Henry Hern Says:

    I was a 16E stationed at B Btry, 2/62 ADA above Butzweiler. I was there from Dec 76 to Aug 79. LIke James Haltom above, we were out of sight, out of mind! It was quite a time.

  40. David Crow Says:

    I was a 16E cross trained as a 16D. I was assigned to 6/65 A battery Key West Fla. in 1965. I did my training OJT in Florida. I rotated overseas in 1966 to Okinawa B battery site 14, 8/3. I achieved the rank of Sgt. E5 and served as TCA in the BCC. I rotated back to the USA to Fort Bliss School Support. I was discharged from there in 1969. God Bless all of you for your service.

  41. I was a 16E stationed at B Btry , 2/62 , Butzweiler . 1984-86 . Roving guard , field duty ( little sleep if any ) Biteburger Beer ,
    Katie’s Pub to drink, Paulie’s to eat. Kordell & MaMa’s ( more drinking ) My pretty Girlfriend Renate . Great friends . I wrote a
    C.D. full of songs that I have just had produced ( Butzweiler Stay’s )
    I can still smell the smoke from the village below. Mitch & Irma Jacobs ( landlords ) . Lost a few friends there . God bless them all .
    A.S.P. Crete 86 . Taylor , DeMink , Hicks , Snowman , Johnson , Crosswhite , Snodgrass , Willie etc. See you guys on other side .
    I will never forget what we went through , what they got us to do.
    I did 10 yrs. Army ( 3 active , 7 Pa. Nat. Guard ) Google it !
    Will always be part of my being , Stories .. unbelievable !

  42. Johnny Brown Says:

    I was at Fort Bliss for basic training in Nov 1977, then AIT for 24C ,then stationed at the schoil till I departed the Army. Was wounding if anyone could help me with the unit? All I can remember is B Battery Staff and Faculty Battalion.

  43. Ron Bellam Says:

    I was in basic in July 67 at Fort Dix. Went to Redstone Arsenal in 67 for 36 weeks of 23 t 20 Hawk Radar repair training. In class were Dana larsen from Oregon, Phil Barker from Fairfax virginia, Tim Walraven from New York City, 3 Korean army soldiers and others I can’t remember names. There were 13 os us in class. 3of us went to Fort Bliss Tx. In about 1968. They were Tim Walraven, Phil Barker and myself. Worked on radars there for PRACTICE during work hours. I learned a lot during that time. Then it was off to KOREA WITH ONLY 13 AND 1/2 MONTHS LEFT in Army. I do not remember all my Battalion numbers but I think it was 38 th. battalion air defense in Fort Bliss tx. ANYONE REMEMBER THESE NAMES OR ME PLEASE RESPOND . WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW EVERYONE IS DOING. IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE THOSE DAYS.

  44. rosie lerma Says:

    Station @ C-Btry 1/65ADA Ft Bliss as 16D (1980-1983), Question heavy were the power cable that was ran from the power supplybox to missile launcher? Also what was the distance between missile launcher to power supplybox? Never wonder till now

  45. Eric A. Kaminski Says:

    I was trained at Ft.Bliss after coming from Ft.Dix where I had basic training. The problem I had was that I came from Poland as an immigrant and I had to go through a lengthy security clearance which was humiliating to me because the Army personel thought that I was giving up on service and wanted to get out. Far from the truth; I was very proud to have served in the US Army as well as becoming the US citizen. After Ft. Bliss I was sent to Korea and not Germany as lots of my friends from the same platoon went to Europe and that is because that US. Army thought that I would be to close to Poland and might pass on classified information to Communists. Far from the truth again becuase I was in love with America and have loved America since I came to US. I think that sending me to South Korea I found myself as close to North Korean Communist just as much as I would have been in Germany. I don’t understand that train of thought by the Army till today. I did my tour 1976/77 in the Hawk Unit at battery C-1-44 which was very far from major cities and I was 24G20 maintaning the ICWAR, IFF radars and the analog computer in ICC. What was funny in S. Korea is that the Koreans could not pronounce my last name and called me Kawasaki instead Kaminski and in C-1-44 I was called a Polish Flash by my fellow GI’s . Why? Don’t know till today. I am back in Poland temporarily which supposedly is a free country. It is, but half way. It still stinks of Communism. I remember only one great E-6 segeant Carrillo in Korea and I look upon one year spent in S. Korea with melancholy as an E-4.

    • Donovan Conrad Says:

      I was in C-1-44 from aprox Nov 73 to Dec 74 as a 24B. Then back to Bliss to train as a 24G. Can’t remember the unit numbers in Bliss where I served out the rest of my enlistment. Have recently tried to locate the old Tac Site and compound on Google Earth and it looks like aliens have terraformed the entire region since I was there.

  46. Daniel Doucette Says:

    Hi all you fellow Hawkers, I trained at Fort Bliss for 16E mos 1978 from there was stationed at the Schloss Kaserne in Butzbach, that was our headquarters when I was there from November 1978 to 1982.Our tact site was I believe just outside of the town of Freiburg,if anyone can remember me or of anything within that time period that would be awesome. Thanks Dan Doucette

  47. Donald J Amundson Says:

    Donald J Amundson
    I went to school at Redstone Graduated 1971 as a 22K20 stayed on for 6-7 months as an instructor that was a great time. Then went to the 44th ordnaces company in Okinawa from 1972 -1973. I worked at the dsp in Naha for Sgt Thomas Wade. I am looking for sgt wade Victory Leroy McCoy or any others that were there for the revervion back to Japan.

  48. Gregory c moreau Says:

    I was on Ft Bliss in 1978 Basic and AIT Then to Germany to an Isolated unit in the Eifel Mountians out side bittburg . headquarters were on Spangdalem Airbase. Cant find a record of us Traing with the marines in AIT but they were with us and we had a couple of maine Drills. Dose Anyone else remember this I do remember 2 PI marine Sosa and Rosa and thats where i heard about Hollwood Marines. And i do remember how the hollwoods would piss off the PI Maines Unit C-Btry 2/62 Heisel Germany

  49. john dicks Says:

    I served in Germany at a-3/7 74 to77 as 24d and flied crossed as 24c .bliss for trans training as 24c , then tobin wells till dec 78 . a-1/2 in korea 79 to mar 80 . reentered sep 80 and went to bliss at s&f . while there found out all 38th bde awarded afou award .went to 6/52 in Germany 82 -85 . back to bliss in 85 to 2/55 and 1/7 .got out in 87 . I was sp hawk and ihawk . at times wished I finished my 20 .

  50. my grandparents were mitch (wo worked as well at B Btry 2/62 butzweiler) and Irma Jacobs from butzweiler. if anyone of you WHO was there have any pictures with them i would really appreciate if you would send them over to


  51. I was at Ft Bliss and trained as a 24b20. Spent 2 years in C battery at Bamberg from 69 to 71.

  52. steve becker Says:

    76=80 16hotel with gulf7 added upon stationing and ojt ,2/62 BOC balesfeld FRG was billeted at A btty BN and HHB were on spang AFB my FB is steve becker finding old buddies always a joy

  53. johnny brown Says:

    was anyone out there stationed at Ft. Bliss in B battery Staff and Faculty Battalion… ???? i was there in 1978-1979.. now there is no History on that Battalion.. just wondering why???

  54. Emil Harper Says:

    Besides being at Hohenfels with C Btry 2bn 57 ADA the Hawk System was also deployed there with C Btry 3rd Bn 60th ADA on Tac Site 29. Where as C Btry 2 Bn 57 ADA was a Square Battery C Btry 3 Bn 60th was a Triad Battery.

  55. dick serafin Says:

    i was in B/4th/57 from 1964 to 1966.was launcher plt ldr, fire control ldr, exec off and btry commander . anybody out there serve in the unit at the same time?

    • George J Gennari Says:

      I was an instructor, Ft. Bliss School Support from May of 61 to Jan 65. Remembering 2 Army Officers Classes during my time as an Instructor. The only officer I remember was a 1st Lt. Rendine from
      Rhode Island we grew up in the same town. Prior to my ETS, I was xfered to the 6th/56. That unit was sent to Nam in the summer of 65. My enlistment was over in January of 65.

    • Thomas Krumholtz Says:

      I served in B/4th/57 from 1966 to 1969 as 16E20….have photos and still keep in touch with one buddy who served same time as me and lives up in north, I live in Texas, not seen many on sites that served in our battery. Took part in 3 comp and went on 2 of them Crete and El Paso.

  56. cornelius brown 111 Says:

    was there anyone assigned to 1/1 ADA HQ battery 1982-1984. If so hit me back if you can. this is sgt. browm from commo.

  57. Charles W Brown Says:

    I was a radar section chief (E5) in HHB 6th Bn 71st FA (ADA) in Cam Rahn Bay in 1968, my name is Charles W. Brown, I retired in Nov 1996.

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